[1.10.2] Gods Weapons Mod Download


Have you ever tried to use Thor’s Hammer or weapons like from other Gods? God’s Weapons Mod makes your wishes come true.

This mod provides you with epic armors and weapons and  some extremely powerful weapons and armors! Each weapons hasspecial abilities and custom enchantments. Let’s act as a God!

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Reinforced Iron Armors:
Strong as the diamond armors.
[9+ and 4+, that means they 1+ more than diamond…]

Hermes’ Boots:
Makes you run so fast.
[It is so fast… 4+ Armor, 1+ than diamond…]

Rings gives you diferent powers but they the strongest armor. They fill all armor slots.
[They have their own effects such as Fire Protection, Night Vision… +20 Armor]

Ares’ Chestplate:
It gives you very strong effects and makes you unstopable.
[+8 Armor, Damage Boost 5, Fire Resistance 5 and Resistance 2…]

Apollo’s Bow:
[Flame 10, Knockback 2, Punch 5, Power 5]

Boreas’ Sword:
You can walk on water with this weapon.
[+15 Damage, Walk On Water, Night V. 3, Speed 3, Jump B. 3,Water B 3…]

Hammer Of Storm:
Ender Dragon? What dragon? Ohh… you mean that little lizard…
Right-Click and Spawn Lightning!
[+70 Damage, Resistance 2, Jump B. 5, Speed 5, Spawn Lightning]

Diamond Hammer:
[+20 Damage]

Sword of Oath:
[+7 Damage, Slowness 5, Knockback 10, Smite 5]

Smite Sword:
[+5 Damage, Smite 5]

Hades’ Sword:
[+20 Damage, Fire A. 5, Knockback 5, Fire R. 5, Speed 5, Jump B. 5]

Demonic Sword:
[+10 Damage, Fire Aspect 5]


All items


CRAFTING RECIPES can be found at “Recipe Book” in the mod.



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