[1.8.9] Hearthstone Mod Download

efc0e  Hearthstone [1.8.9] Hearthstone Mod Download

Hearthstone Mod adds a Hearthstone item to the game based on the Hearthstone found in World of Warcraft. The Hearthstone allows players to teleport from any location to their bed. This allows the player to go on long caving expeditions without having to remember the way home, or venture thousands of blocks without having to walk back. The Hearthstone does have a 30 minute cooldown between uses, so use it only when necessary. To link the Hearthstone, just sneak-right click on a bed while holding it.

efc0e  Hearthstone 1 [1.8.9] Hearthstone Mod Download51492  Hearthstone 2 [1.8.9] Hearthstone Mod Download51492  Hearthstone 3 [1.8.9] Hearthstone Mod Download


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