[1.8.9] Hot Water Mod Download

Hot Water Mod

Hot Water Mod for Minecarft 1.9.4 Mods adds a couple new liquids (Hot Water, and Spring Water) and food (Boiled fresh and leather, Detoxified Spider Eye ) into Minecraft.


  • Hot Spring Biome: A nearly flat plain where you can find and collect Spring Water
  • Hot Water: Will boil you to death if bath in it for too long, and can be used as an very weak furnace fuel. Items will not be destroyed when they come in contract with the hot water. Foods such as steak, pork, fish, rotten flesh, leather, and spider eye can be cooked by throwing them into hot water. Obtained by smelting a Water Bucket in a furnace.
  • Spring Water: Will  remove all negative status effects, it can only remove vanilla effects by default but more effects can be added via config. Your health will also slowly regenerate at the cost of your hunger. Cannot be crafted.
  • Super-Heated Lava: Not many have obtained this liquid before. The few who had was found burned with a bottom-less hole next by them.
  • Detoxified Spider Eye: Crafted by tossing regular spider eye into a hot water block, will restore one hunger bar without causing poison.
  • Boiled Fresh: Crafted by tossing rotten flesh into a hot water block, will restore two hunger bar without causing hunger.

Hot Spring Biome

Hot Water Biome


Minecraft Forge


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