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1. Manure


Manure is very useful stuff to expand your farm. You can get a few bone meals by crafting them.

You can get manure by fermenting excreta from animals. You can find excreta on fields, in you pen. Excreta looks like this:

Its height is changed as the block contains many excreta. (up to 4)

Naturally, excreta(an manure) on sand, dirt, grass is eroded very fast. (They fertilize sand to dirt, and dirt to grass) This is very important factor to increase you manure yield. Cover the floor by other blocks.

Excreta ferments faster when there are other excreta blocks near them. So put them together.

Excreta that contains manure has different color. You can check this in the next picture:

You can get manure by breaking the excreta with grey color. Quite easy.

More tips:

If you cover your pen with blocks except sand, dirt, and grass, you can get more excreta from your animals. (Prevent natural lost of excreta) However these blocks can not support any hunger to you animals. (but grass does) Furthermore you can gather excreta on the floor by water!

2. Animals got disease

Pens with many piles of excreta are unhygienic. In nature sand, dirt and grass absorb them as fertilizer but in you pen with ‘hard’ floor can not dissolve them fast. Therefore fatal outbreak of disease could occur in your farm.

What disease teases animals? Infected animals become very slow and need a lot of food to survive. Purple particles are release from them. Don’t worry, they do not even infect other animals.

The animals are naturally cured after a day “if they survive.” Then you may wonder how to cure them immediately. Very easy, just feed them a mushroom, red or brown.

3. Animals are hungry – Food Box

In this mod, animals could be died without enough food. Food box is very useful block to supply food to animals. With very simple crafting, you can get the food box.

Now place this food box in you pen. Food box is very similar to the vanilla bed. This occupies two blocks.

Item entity on food box will not be despawned. One thing that you should consider is that only one entity with less than or equal to 16 stack size is affected by food box.

4. Niter Bed

Do you need saltpeter? In past, saltpeter is gathered from niter bed. Niter bed is mixture of manure, dirt and wood ash. If you have enough manure, you can make saltpeter farm!

To make niter bed, wood ash is required. Wood ash is made from saplings, simply smelting them.

Now you can make niter bed. Follow next picture :

Ripening the niter bed is final step. Just put them anywhere. Ripening speed isn’t influenced by place where it is. Anyway it takes 3~5 day in minecraft to finish ripening. Its color and spot changed as it ripens :

Now break it!


Hungry Animals is a mod that changes vanilla animals’ feeding activity and AI. Have you ever wondered about why vanilla animals aren’t starved to death? This mod makes nice changes for your questions. Now wild animals can grow their population! They eat grass and sometimes they even fall in love. Of course some of them could be starved to death. They will make equilibrium with nature. High population will deepen their competition and excess will naturally die. Animals begin to excrete! You can see excreta over every hills and every fields. There’s no bad effect for animals yet but you can use them as fertilizer. Ferment excreta into good manure to grow more wheat and carrots.

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • If the “mods” folder does not exist you can create one.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • Enjoy the mod.

Download links for other versions:






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