[1.8] Infinity Gauntlet Mod Download

Infinity Gauntlet Mod

This mod adds the Infinity Gauntlet and Gems.


Infinity Gauntlet

The Infinity Gauntlet contains all the powers of all the gems. You will need to press the Change Gauntlet Mode Keybinding to changing between Gem abilities. (default key-binding is C)

In addition the Gauntlet has some Gauntlet only abilities. Name the ability to Stop the sun from moving (Default keybinding: O) and reverse the sun’s movement (Default Keybinding: R)

Each Gem now has a new abilities that can only be activated when holding the Right mouse button when using the Infinity Gauntlet. You must use the Infinity Gauntlet in that Gem State to use this ability. Note, you will hold the right mouse button if you with to use the Infinity Gauntlet Gem ability instead of the standard Gem ability. the gauntlet will ding when the Infinity Gauntlet is will uses the Infinity Gauntlet Gem ability instead of its standard gem ability. Some Gem abilities may need a larger time to hold down then others.

Power Gem

Will summon a thunderbolt that deal damage to the entities equal the amount the power gem does normally. (typically an insta-kill). This will effect all entities nearby, a range of 64 blocks by default.

Mind Gem

Drains the XP of a player in your cross-hair, and gives them debuffs.

Soul Gem

Player Capture. Basically transfer a player to the Soul Gem Dimension to ‘store’ the player. Shift + hold right click to release player.

Space Gem

Transfers the player to spawn point of a different Dimension. Which dimension it can transfer to is determined by the config file.

Time Gem

Transfer the entity in your cross-hair to the spawn point of the current Dimension.

Reality Gem

Removes Creative Mode from a player in your cross-hair.

Spawning In the Gems and Gauntlet

If you choose not to get the Gems legit, and I don’t blame you. You can spawn them in with the command. You will still need OP privileges.

  • Power Gem: /give infinitygauntlet:itemInfinityGem 1 0
  • Soul Gem: /give infinitygauntlet:itemInfinityGem 1 1
  • Reality Gem: /give infinitygauntlet:itemInfinityGem 1 2
  • Mind Gem: /give infinitygauntlet:itemInfinityGem 1 3
  • Space Gem: /give infinitygauntlet:itemInfinityGem 1 4
  • Time Gem: /give infinitygauntlet:itemInfinityGem 1 5
  • Infinity Gauntlet: /give infinitygauntlet:itemInfinityGauntlet


Firing the power gem or gauntlet in its Power gem state, will cause Fire particles to be shown in front of the player. Space Gem and Soul Gem, will show portal particles at the entity being teleported.

Infinity Gauntlet Mod
Infinity Gauntlet Mod
Infinity Gauntlet Mod
Infinity Gauntlet Mod
Infinity Gauntlet Mod


Once you have all 5 gems, a diamond, and 2 gold ingots. You can craft the Infinity Gauntlet.

Infinity Gauntlet Mod


Minecraft Forge


Download links for other versions:



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  1. It doesn’t work stop the sun



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