[1.7.10] Lucky Block Orespawn Mod Download


This can now add close to 100 new drops. You can get so much good stuff and bad stuff.


  • Blocks can spawn Alien
  • Blocks can drop ultimate set
  • Added King Bob
  • Blocks can drop Amethyst tools
  • Blocks can spawn Nastysaurus
  • Blocks can drop ultimate tools
  • Blocks can drop Tiger’s eye tools
  • Blocks can drop kyanite tools
  • Blocks can drop ruby tools
  • Blocks can drop pink tourmaline
  • Blocks can drop battle axe
  • Blocks can drop nightmare sword
  • Blocks can drop attitude adjuster
  • Blocks can drop rat sword
  • Blocks can drop poison sword
  • Blocks can drop big hammer
  • Blocks can drop chainsaw
  • Blocks can drop fairy sword
  • Blocks can drop exp sword
  • Blocks can drop mantis claw
  • Blocks can drop ruby set
  • Blocks can drop tiger’s eye set
  • Blocks can drop lava eel set
  • Blocks can drop moth scale set
  • Blocks can drop emerald tools
  • Blocks can drop emerald set
  • Blocks can drop exp set
  • Blocks can drop amethyst tools
  • Blocks can drop pink tourmaline set
  • Blocks can drop peacock set
  • Blocks can drop lapis tools
  • Blocks can drop the prince egg
  • Blocks can drop the princess egg
  • Blocks can drop big bertha parts
  • Blocks can spawn mantis
  • Blocks can spawn bee
  • Blocks can spawn basilisk
  • The monster horde now can have scorpions
  • Blocks can spawn Charles the op scorpion
  • Blocks can spawn tameable adult dragons
  • The lucky gear is now emerald
  • Added mantis well
  • Added bee well
  • Added alien well
  • Added uranium ,titanium, and blt well
  • Rare chance of blocks spawning in Mobzilla!
  • Blocks can spawn Cater Killer
  • Blocks can spawn Molenoid
  • Blocks can spawn leonopteryx
  • Blocks can spawn robo pounder
  • Blocks can spawn robo warrior
  • Blocks can spawn robo sniper
  • Blocks can spawn robo gunner
  • Blocks can spawn bomb ombs
  • Blocks can spawn jeffery
  • Blocks can spawn lizard
  • Blocks can spawn ostrich
  • Blocks can spawn gazelle
  • Blocks can spawn triffid
  • Blocks can spawn rotator
  • Blocks can spawn mantis tower
  • Blocks can spawn mantis army
  • Uranium Blocks can now make blocks luckier adds 100 luck
  • Uranium Ingots now can make blocks luckier adds 24 luck
  • Titanium Blocks can now make blocks luckier adds 100 luck
  • Titanium Ingots now can make blocks luckier adds 24 luck
  • Amethyst can now make blocks luckier adds 18 luck
  • Amethyst Blocks can now make blocks luckier adds 100 luck
  • Rubies can now make blocks luckier adds 20 luck
  • Rubies can now make blocks luckier adds 100 luck
  • Blocks can spawn Bob’s Mom
  • Added Uranium tower
  • Added Titanium tower
  • Added Ruby tower
  • Added Amethyst tower
  • Blocks can spawn King!
  • Blocks can spawn Queen!
  • Blocks can drop thunder staff
  • Added Lucky leaves drop (triffid)
  • Added Cool Kids (ostrich)
  • Added sweg bees
  • Added jeffery book club
  • Added BLT corn dog and crabby patty well

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download and install Lucky Block Mod and play at least 1 time .
  • Close Minecraft.
  • Delete original LuckyBlockProperties.txt from .minecraft/config/lucky.
  • Put the LuckyBlockProperties.txt (from this zip folder) in .minecraft/config/lucky.
  • Go in .minecraft/mods and open the lucky block mod’s .jar file.
  • After you opened it, go in mod/lucky/files and replace the original LuckyBlockProperties.txt with LuckyBlockProperties.txt from this zip folder.
  • After that go in /assets/lucky/textures/blocks and replace the original lucky_block.png with lucky_block.png from this zip folder.
  • Close everything and play.



  1. This mod is great!!!!!!!!Like it

  2. super!

  3. Did the folder structure change sometime between now and when you posted this? The folders that are supposed to contain the files to replace aren’t there and if I create them, they disappear when I boot from the launcher…




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