[1.7.10] MoreDyes Mod Download

MoreDyes Mod adds more than 100 new dyes to Minecraft. For now they are all combinations of the 16 vanilla dye colors. Each color also has a variety of blocks that can be colored with the dye. These include stone, stonebrick(in all varieties), wool, glowstone, even redstone and lapis blocks.


  • Blocks can be cleaned and returned to their vanilla color by crafting them with a bucket of water.
  • If Thermal Expansion is detected, rockwool will be available in the mod colors.
  • If Chisel is detected, all colors of all blocks will be chiselable.
  • Dyed saplings can now be crafted from an oak sapling and the appropriate colored dye. Thats right, dye trees are now in.
  • Tulips in all the colors are available from the creative menu. Worldgen will be coming soon for both the flowers and the dye trees.

2a4c0  MoreDyes [1.7.10] MoreDyes Mod Download61f1a  MoreDyes 1 [1.7.10] MoreDyes Mod Download


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