[1.9.4] Nether Tweaks Mod Download


The main purpose of Nether Tweaks Mod is to live and survive in the nether without the need of the Overworld. To make that possible it adds a World type called “Hellworld” in which the player starts in the nether and respawns there.


  • Traveling back to the Overworld is impossible (in Hellworld World type).
  • Also adds food, technology, and other stuff to get the things the nether cannot provide.
  • Changes a couple of non-craftable Things from Vanilla to craftable, too.
  • Adds various materials like Copper, Tin, Nickel, Platinum, Silver, Silicon, Draconium, Amber, Certus quartz, Cinnabar, Aluminum, Sulfur,
  • Salt, Saltpeter, and Osmium, only if you have a mod installed which uses one of those.


Note: As of version 1.5.0+ this mod requires SFHCore!


Minecraft Forge


Download links for other versions:





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