[1.7.10] OpenModularTurrets Mod Download

OpenModularTurrets Mod [1.7.10] OpenModularTurrets Mod Download

OpenModularTurrets mod adds modular turrets, walls and fences that can be used to defend your base from players and mobs.


  • Turret base Expanders: to help your turret base scale better, both for inventory space and energy storage. Simply place them on your Turret base.
  • 5 tiers of Hard Walls: basic building blocks with high levels of hardness and resistance.
  • 5 tiers of Fences: non-opaque blocks which also has very high levels of hardness and resistance. Tier 2 and onward also act as barbed surfaces, hurting any entities that stand close to them, scaling with tier level.
  • Turret base camouflage: Turret bases can now be disguised as a normal opaque block. Simply right click the base with the block in hand, and shift-right click with an empty hand to remove a disguise. Turret bases are now accessed by right clicking them with an empty hand.
  • Recycler addon: Gives your turret a chance to negate ammo usage/generate ammo, per shot.


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Minecraft Forge

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