[1.10.2] Ores and Tools Mod Download

Ores and Tools Mod adds 3 tool sets  chisel, machete and sickle it adds flax plant and seeds and 3 ores fossils, saltpeter and sulfur.
cd821  Ores and tools mod [1.10.2] Ores and Tools Mod Download
This mod added an mortar and pestle to grind up salt , sulfur and charcoal to dust to make gunpowder.

  • the chisels: when right click on ore you get chunks of ore
  • the machete: good for a weapon but use it on leafs to get rid of them
  • the sickle: well you got to know what that is use for

Ore processing is done with 2 diamond blocks and a piston. Push 1 diamond block down on to the other diamond block with a piston and have chunks between them to get lumps then clean the lumps in water with a trapdoor under the water to get clean lumps then crush them to get dust.

e918f  Ores and tools mod 1 [1.10.2] Ores and Tools Mod Download


  • Ores are off by default.
  • you can get up to 4X more ingot from it
  • you can use NEI to get the recipes


Minecraft Forge

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