[1.10] Photoptics Mod Download

Photoptics Mod [1.10] Photoptics Mod Download

Photoptics Mod adds Optical Instruments to minecraft, like telescopes. Currently it adds basic binoculars, which can be crafted by 4 glass panes on the edges, 3 iron ingots on the middle row in the crafting table, and basic handheld telescope, which can be crafted by putting a glass block on the middle of the first row, an iron block on the second row, a glass pane on the third row.

18990  Photoptics Mod 2 [1.10] Photoptics Mod Download

Here are the basic binoculars and basic handheld telescope.

18990  Photoptics Mod 1 [1.10] Photoptics Mod Download


Minecraft Forge

Stellar API

Stellar Sky Mod


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