[1.9.4] Potatians Mod Download

13d08  Potatians [1.9.4] Potatians Mod Download

Potatians Mod allows you to meet the Potatians and adds all the Members of Think Big Corp into Minecraft. Potatians are made from Potatian Essence which is found underground. Potatians will attack hostile mobs and sometimes each other. Potatians know how to use a large variety of Weapons, and will spawn with a Weapon.

You can create your own Potatian Army, and prepare for Battle.

Picture Introduction:

With Potatians, you can have the whole Team from Think Big to fight by your side.

13d08  Potatians 1 [1.9.4] Potatians Mod Download

Potatians can be given Armor, Weapons, and Power ups.

ce678  Potatians 2 [1.9.4] Potatians Mod Download

The Basic Powerups are shown here. (Sugar = Baby)  (Golden Apple = Giant)  (Super G-Apple = Mega)

ce678  Potatians 3 [1.9.4] Potatians Mod Download


Minecraft Forge
Think Big Core


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