[1.10.2] Pressure Pipes Mod Download

Pressure Pipes Mod adds pipes which can transfer unlimited amounts of any kind of fluid, along with filters.



  • Transfer any amount of fluid
  • Unlimited input/output
  • Works with all forge fluids and all pipe/tanks from other mods
  • Can transfer multiple liquids on the same pipe
  • Filtering by fluid type on input and outputs
  • Multiple inputs and outputs on the same pipe
  • Smart distribution between valid outputs


  • High Pressure Input
    • Accepts fluids from pipes on the back (brighter side without arrows)
    • Connects to a pressure pipe on the front (darker side with arrows)
    • Will only accept fluids if a valid output is connected with a high pressure pipe
    • If multiple outputs are connected ? will do it’s best to distribute the fluid evenly
  • High Pressure Output
    • Connects to a pressure pipe on the back (darker side without arrows)
    • Outputs fluids into pipes/tanks on the front (brighter side with arrows)
  • High Pressure Piping
    • Connects outputs and inputs
    • Can be layed in any shape, loops and intersections will not cause problems
  • High Pressure Pump
    • Pumps fluids between tanks, pipes or High Pressure Inputs
    • Will pump as much fluid as possible per tick
    • Needs redstone signal to activate
  • Infinite Water Source
    • Exactly what it says on the tin
    • Is really infinite for all intents and purposes
    • Water can be piped out using a High Pressure Pump or pipes from other mods



Inputs, Outputs and Pipes can have filters set, to set a filter ? right click with a bucket (or any other valid container) filled with the fluid. To remove a filter ? right click with an empty bucket in your hand.


Minecraft Forge



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