[1.7.10] Realistic Life Mod Download

Realistic Life Mod aims to bring a realistic feeling of Life into Minecraft by adding things we use every day like furniture, vehicles etc and also things we make everyday like drinking, propper sleeping, getting sick.


  • Switch between HD-Models and minecraftstyled models
  • Dress your player(Only for cubic player atm–>see tutorial how to change it in #Tutorials
  • Realistic playermodel+Animations(Early preview)
  • Chatterbot never be alone in SinglePlayer again! Ask zanor everything you want or just have fun with him, leting him say weird things
  • Realistic survival– Thirst, going on the toilet etc
  • Realistic furniture
  • High resolutional 3D-Models-> You will be able to switch between HD and minecraft-styled versions in a bit
  • Money – buy and sell Blocks/Items using the computer
  • Realistic vehicles+driving dynamics
  • Working trafficlights
  • Character creation+customization-Have a name, haircolors, eycolors, etc
  • Single and Multiplayer support


  • melted iron
  • advertising bilboard
  • kitchen tile
  • blast furncace
  • freezer
  • cupboard
  • computer
  • chair
  • television
  • drinks machine
  • neon lamp
  • pissoir
  • washing basin
  • showcase
  • table
  • radio
  • bush
  • pillars(at the moment brick, iron and marble)
  • park bench
  • fireplace
  • curbstone
  • lantern
  • trafficlight
  • tarmac
  • tarmac with line(white)
  • trafficsystem computer
  • crashbarrier
  • christmas pyramid
  • christmas tree
  • door wreath
  • toaster(Put in a bread and get a toast!)
  • fishtank
  • toilet bowl
  • desk
  • dishwasher
  • kitchen sink
  • kitchen cabinet
  • shelf(do not store any item in them! They aren’t saved at the moment!)
  • coffee machine
  • parquet
  • growpot(place dirt in it, then grow plants)
  • lenoleum flooring
  • parquet flooring
  • sideboard
  • drawer
  • Windows
  • CookingRod



  • cracker
  • cookie dough
  • frensh fries
  • toast
  • ketchup
  • candy cane
  • gingerbread
  • water bottle
  • coffee
  • cappuccino
  • espresso
  • latte machiatto
  • hot chocolate
  • tea
  • orange
  • lemon
  • sunflowerseeds
  • salad
  • noodlesoup


  • AK47
  • Uzi
  • RPG-Rocket Launcher


  • Binoculars
  • Chainsaw
  • Saw


  • USB Stick
  • Micro Sd Card
  • MP3 Player
  • Circuitboard


  • coak
  • steel ingot
  • steel axe
  • scrabbed metal
  • NPC placer

Medical equipement:

  • syringe
  • pillbox



  • firefighter
  • policemen
  • normal guy
  • minor

Other entitys:

  • Chatterbot–> use command ‘spawnHelperbot’ to spawn it
  • Baby(Click on it with a rattle to let it giggle)


  • MAN tgx (truck)
  • Jeep cherokee



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8a62b2e26b158a427d970d04c7f6803a [1.7.10] Realistic Life Mod Download

b76236f7972a06457c38af536b680349 [1.7.10] Realistic Life Mod Download

3ee564d4f4fa468969cb9083aaaddbf2 [1.7.10] Realistic Life Mod Download

2fddaa48bb35c3d9be1cf0175faed8ef [1.7.10] Realistic Life Mod Download

98c32ad38bb5e74f86112c2c5c6f989a [1.7.10] Realistic Life Mod Download

cd42bbc2b3ca94068e08824ce9ee733f [1.7.10] Realistic Life Mod Download

7a62fea30a4c3cd568b9c52ace3775b5 [1.7.10] Realistic Life Mod Download80fac145f65fb66cf78c7688a5a4e928 [1.7.10] Realistic Life Mod Download

Addon Packs:

Attention: You always need the latest version for that!! Otherwise it won’t work.

Cars&Signs pack:

You wanna drive like a boss? Implement the lamborghini and streetsigns with this content pack:

Cars&Signs pack Addon Download:


How to install addon packs:

  • Unzip the file
  • Copy and paste the whole ‘RLM’ folder into the .minecraft directory
  • Startup minecraft and youll find the items&blocks in the Cars tab.


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