[1.8.9] Sandy Ores Mod Download

fcaed  Sandy Ores Mod [1.8.9] Sandy Ores Mod Download

Sandy Ores mod adds ore generation in sand gravel or dirt and some new ores like glowstone ore quartzore in the overworld, prismarine ore, flamed ore, gunpowder ore, chorus ore.


  • Prismarine Ore drops: 2 prismarine shards + 1 prismarine chrystal
  • Gunpowder Ore drops: 1 gunpowder
  • Flamed Ore drops: 1 blaze powder
  • Chorus ore drops:1 popped chorus fruit
  • Glowstone ore drops:4 glowstone dust

65d48  Sandy Ores Mod 1 [1.8.9] Sandy Ores Mod Download

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