[1.8.9] TragicMC 2 Mod Download


TragicMC 2 Mod is meant to add more difficulties through content than through modifying core gameplay aspectslike other mods. Essentially, it is best to play TragicMC with as few mods as possible although it should be compatible with most other mods.

See also: An older mod about TragicMC.

What TragicMC adds:

  • Two Dimensions, one of multiple fantasy-inspired biomes still being expanded on and the other neuro networkcould possibly be the nerve center of the universe (or at least it sounded cool to describe it that way).
  • There are lots of mobs around 40 with their own unique AI and attack styles.
  • With tough Bosses, there are about 10. They each have their own weaknesses and strengths and are sure to be tough fights in Survival.
  • A bunch of Blocks and Items includes some powerful Weapons and some interesting building Blocks.
  • A special energy system called Doom allows you to use special abilities. Each weapon and armor has called Doomsdays. These do things ranging from giving you useful Potion Effects to tossing enemies around like ragdolls or from creating a massive amount of explosions around yourself.
  • Over 15 new Potion Effects range from Cripple (which reduces your Max Health) to Disorientation (which shakes your screen) to Malnourish (which prevents your Hunger from recovering) to Invulnerability.
  • Over 15 new Enchantments range from Vampirism (which drains health from enemies you hurt) to Ignition (which lights enemies that hit you on fire) to Rune Break (which increases magic damage that you inflict) to Multiply (which splits your arrow shots into multiple).



TragicMC Mod has a lot of recipes so it is recommended that you use a recipe mod like NEI or JEI that allows you to see the recipes on the fly. JEI is recommended for 1.8.9.


Minecraft Forge


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