[1.7.10] EvilCraft Mod Download

951d6  EvilCraft Mod [1.7.10] EvilCraft Mod Download

An evil mod for Minecraft

This mod basically adds various evil things to Minecraft, from everything such as little flying monster that will follow you around and try to poison you, to bottles that allow you to store and control the weather.

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • If one does not exist you can create one.
  • Enjoy the mod.

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EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes



Blood Chest

Ever had to repair that precious enchanted diamond sword, only to find out that your limited supply of diamonds has run out? Then you may find the blood chest a very handy addition ! Just put in whatever tool you want and the blood chest will gradually repair it at only the expense of some blood. To fill the blood chest, just insert any item containing blood into the very left slot and watch how the internal blood buffer fills up. But beware … this chest might add some nasty effects to your repaired item (NOTE: this feature can be disabled in the configuration file).

UHh37KV EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

bFE65ei EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes


b3kMa0n EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Blood Infuser

As its name suggests, the blood infuser can infuse or fill items with blood. Simply put an item containing blood in the left slot to fill up the internal blood buffer and put an item in the slot directly to the right of the liquid meter to start infusing or filling items with blood. Some items that can be filled with blood are vanilla buckets, blood containers and the blood extractor. The blood infuser is also the only way to gain dark power gems and undead saplings.

Wdivmxk EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

mH2YtNA EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes


okFwJY4 EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Environmental Accumulator

The environmental accumulator allows you to fill weather containers with the weather that is currently active. You do this by throwing an empty weather container into the brown beam emitted by the accumulator. This will suck up the weather, bottle it into the weather container and change the weather to its complete opposite (sunshine becomes rain, rain/lightning becomes sunshine). Once used, the beam of the environmental accumulator will become black, which means that it is currently in a cooldown state. It will remain in this state for about half a Minecraft day, and you can see that it has returned to its originally state because the beam will change back to a brown color. (NOTE: the cooldown time can be changed in the configuration file) Note that this block can not be crafted or picked up and that these blocks only spawn at the centre of dark temples.

J5FLxFO EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes



Yeah… its liquid blood… To obtain blood you can right click a blood stained block with a blood extractor. This blood can then be used in a blood infuser and blood chest and stored in blood containers, blood extractors or regular vanilla buckets. You can place blood in the world, just like most liquids, after which it will turn into hardened blood after some time, except when it’s raining (see the section about hardened blood for more information about this).

vuVQhag EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes


EvilCraft also adds liquid poison, but don’t worry you won’t find it spawning in the world, well … at least not yet. To get some poison, just put a water bucket and 4 of any poisoned item in a crafting table and you will obtain a bucket of poison. Examples of poisoned items are poisoned potatoes and poison sacs.

7nAk82E EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

World Generation

Dark Ore

For now, EvilCraft adds only one new ore to the world generation, called dark ore. This ore spawns from Y-levels 6 to 66 (see what we did there) and drops dark gems upon breaking. You will at least need an iron tier pickaxe to mine it and fortune does have an effect on the drop rate.

Vmh5tj9 EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Silverfish Spawn

Silverfish spawn blocks can now spawn in any biome!

Netherfish Spawn

Since we added a new mob called netherfish to the game, we needed a way to spawn them. So beware when breaking netherrack, netherbrick or soul sand in the nether, because some rather unexpected mobs might spawn…

Dark Temple

When exploring, you might come across some weird-looking structures called dark temples. You can find them at higher places (above Y-level 90) and they should be easy to spot because of the brown beacon beam that is emitted by the environmental accumulator at the centre of the structure. Also note that dark temples are the only places where you can find environmental accumulators.

ef99MJV EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

iQm7o6j EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Evil Dungeon

These are kinda like vanilla spawners, except that all mossy cobblestone is replaced by bloody cobblestone and instead of 1 vanilla spawner, you might find a little more than one… So, if it’s more dangerous, then what is the gain you might ask? Well, not only the number of spawners is increased, but also the number of chests.


Blood Stained Block

All living creatures are composed of blood, amongst other things, so every now and then a mob might spill its blood on the block it has died upon. These blocks are called blood stained blocks and you can extract blood from them by right clicking them with a blood extractor.

RCvAnGQ EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Bloody Cobblestone

These blocks can only be found in evil dungeons and serve the same functionality as mossy cobblestone does for vanilla dungeons.

WaVac6Q EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Dark Block

Acts as a storage block for dark gems. They’re pretty dark and have connected textures by default, so they might be useful for building.

aEHs8tN EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes


WA2PWqS EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Excrement Pile

The whole digestion cycle in Minecraft has finally been completed ! Animals will drop excrement piles, which act as bonemeal after a while when placed on the ground. The only way to pick up an excrement pile is by cleaning it up with a broom, and you better clean up your farm every once in a while because these piles can stack like snow. Also look out when you encounter such a pile because it has a chance of poisoning when you walk through them (NOTE: for animals and entities this can be changed in the configuration file).

BUivWbp EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Hardened Blood

When you place liquid blood into the world when no rain is falling on it, it will change into hardened blood after a small time. These blocks will drop hardened blood shards, when a flint and steel is used on them and will turn back into liquid blood when rain falls on them. Finally, these blocks have connected textures and might be useful when building, just don’t forget to put a roof above these blocks, or parts of your house might literally wash away when it starts to rain…

rXYjG07 EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Lightning Bomb

If you ever wanted to lure mobs or players into a trap which killed them with lightning, then the lightning bomb is your new friend ! Just like tnt, it will lit a fuse when a redstone signal is applied to it, but instead of spawning a simple explosion, it will spawn several lightning bolts on the exact same place as it was placed.

61UFx8Y EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

6z91US7 EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

pPGCx71 EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes


3DkYL7w EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Obscured Glass

You can see through it like regular glass, but it doesn’t let through any light at all. Might be useful for building mob farms with a glass ceiling. Also it has a connected texture (I think it’s clear by now that we love connected textures).

H8vtFYR EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes


sIG0JAH EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Undead Tree

Who said only zombies can come back from the dead? Just put a dead bush, found in deserts into a blood infuser and you will get an undead sapling, which will grow undead trees. These trees look just like any other tree, except that they have undead wood for their trunk and branches and that the undead leaves spawned by this tree drip with blood.

AyrkMPV EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes


Blood Containers

Blood containers are storages for all your blood needs! They come in three sizes: cell, can and basin, in increasing order of size. When you shift-right click a blood container, you will activate auto-refill mode, which will automatically refill an item you hold in your hand with blood, given that item can contain blood. This can prove useful when using the blood pearl of teleportation. If you activate multiple blood containers, the rate at which the held item is refilled will be proportional to the number of activated containers.


lNkmioA EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

MEsLqmi EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

glXvDRG EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Blood Extractor

Probably one of the first EvilCraft items you will craft, the blood extractor allows you to extract blood from blood stained blocks, which will provide your main (and only) source of blood. Moreover, if you have a blood extractor in your inventory when you hit mobs, it will automatically fill up with blood. The bigger the mob, the more blood it has, so the faster the blood extractor will fill up.


Wo2nvKG EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Blood Infusion Core

Surround a dark power gem with 9 hardened blood shards and you will get a blood infusion core, which is the main item used to craft EvilCraft machines such as the blood infuser and blood chest.


luMCzty EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Blood Pearl of Teleportation

The blood pearl of teleportation gives you the powers of an enderman! Or at least… sort of. This pearl actually has the same functionality as an ender pearl: when thrown it will teleport you to blood the pearl has fallen on, except that this pearl will not be used up when thrown, instead it uses up a small amount of blood stored inside of it when thrown. To refill the pearl you can either infuse it with blood in a blood infuser or activate a blood container, after which it will refill whenever you hold the pearl in your hand.


3CDA3vt EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes


Let’s see, what else is evil? Ah yes! Witches! They fly on brooms don’t they? Well now you can too. Just right click a broom to mount it or shift right click it to place it into the world. The broom can be controlled by pressing forward whilst looking in the direction you want to fly to, so the actual steering is done by moving the mouse. Note that at the moment brooms can only be found in dungeon chests, but don’t worry we’ve got some great plans for the future which might allow you to craft maybe just a little more than this basic broom…

iyJ8d0c EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Dark Gem

Dark gems are dropped when mining a dark ore, which is added to the world generation just like any ore and can be crafted into storage blocks, called dark blocks.


gJdVlaA EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Dark Power Gem

This item can be crafted by infusing a dark gem with blood using the blood infuser. Since the blood infuser also requires a dark power gem to craft, an alternative way to craft this item is by throwing a dark gem in a pool of at least 5 liquid blood blocks placed in the world, after which it will suck up these blood blocks and drop a dark power gem.

Dark Stick

At the moment this item has no use at all, except that it works in all recipes which require vanilla sticks. We do however have some plans to use this item in recipes in the future.


AMPAA3x EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Hardened Blood Shard

This item is used in the recipes for several items and can be obtained by using a flint and steel on a hardened blood block.

Lightning Grenade

Lightning is now completely under you control with the lightning grenade! Simply throw it like an ender pearl and it will spawn lightning on the block it hits when it falls on the ground. Very useful when you want to burn down forests, create supercharged creepers or kill your friends with lightning bolts.

S2RVgWr EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes


H9VNjnU EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Poison Sac

It looks like and ink sac and it’s filled with poison! These items can only be obtained by killing a Poisonous Libelle. This item acts as poisoned item besides poisoned potatoes and can thus be used in recipes that require poisoned items.

Weather Container

Control the weather with weather containers and the environmental accumulator! When a weather container is filled with a specific weather type, you can change the weather to the weather stored in the weather container by throwing it on the ground. When crafting weather containers, they will initially be empty. The only way to fill an empty weather container is by throwing it in the beam of an environmental accumulator, after which the current weather (one of lightning, rain or sunshine) will be bottled into the weather container. Also note that some items such as lightning pearls require specific weather containers in order to be crafted.

gc6YNru EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes


xsNlsee EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Werewolf Bone

An item dropped by werewolfs. It might have some fun uses in the near future, but for now it has completely no use.

Werewolf Flesh

Werewolf flesh is a rare drop which can be obtained from werewolfs. Don’t eat it when it is day, you’ll just get a stomach ache, at night however… this flesh will start to glow and might provide some rather useful effects when eaten.

Werewolf Fur

Another item dropped by werewolves. This item has no real other purpose for now, though it might have in the near future.



Beware of these beasts, if you’re not well-prepared they might just single-hit you (literally)! You shouldn’t be able to encounter these at daytime, but look out at night, especially when there is a werewolf villager standing near you…

iRZPHUd EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Werewolf Villager

Yes, another kind of villager, willing to trade at day but beware of him at night, especially when it is full moon… For now this villager adds some specific EvilCraft item trades, but there’s really nothing you can get exclusively through trading.

JINHxDi EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Poisonous Libelle

Although these little creatures look rather innocent at first sight, you will quickly discover that quite the opposite is true. These nasty little mobs spawn in river and jungle biomes and will try to hit whatever entities they come across including players, passive mobs and other poisonous libelles. Upon hitting an entity, they will be poisoned for a short time and they will continue to annoy players by following them for as long as they can… Moreover, they are really quick and rather small, but have really low health (about one hit should suffice to kill them). They drop poisoned sacs, which can be used in various crafting recipes.

UJaj0XW EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes


Since silverfish weren’t evil enough, we added a variant called netherfish to the game. They’re just like silverfish, except you can only find them by breaking monster egg blocks in the nether, which are added to the nether world generation. Oh yeah, did I also mention they can set you on fire?

XzaPYzu EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes



EvilCraft adds four new enchants to Minecraft, which can all be gotten by doing regular ol’ enchanting. Although most enchants are rather useful, some might be pretty … evil … But don’t worry: you can disable every single enchant in the configuration file.

Breaking (I,II and III)

This is a very evil enchant, which does the exact opposite of the unbreaking enchant: it has a random chance of increasing the damage an item takes when you use it to a value over one. (NOTE: again, if you find this an annoying feature, you can simply disable it in the configuration file)

Life Stealing (I, II and III)

As its name implies, this item allows you to steal life from a mob and add it to your own. The more damage you deal with a hit and the higher the level of the enchant, the higher the amount of life added to the player.

Poison Tip (I, II, and III)

Just as the flame enchant allows you to put mobs on fire, this enchant allows you to poison mobs. This enchant can be put on any weapon (including bows) and the poison effect caused by the enchant will last longer with an increasing level of the poison tip enchant.

Unusing (I)

Have you ever broken your favourite enchanted pickaxe by accident because you didn’t pay notice to the amount of damage it had taken? The unusing enchant tries to solve exactly this problem! When an item is enchanted with the unusing enchant, you will not be able to use the item when it is about to break and you will only be able to use that item again when it has been (partially) repaired.


Poison Tip Enchantment

To get a poison tip enchantment book, you can either try to randomly enchant a book or you can combine a regular book with a poison bucket in a crafting table.


007pTz1 EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Poisonous Potato

Becomes poisonous potatoes don’t have much use in vanilla crafting, we’ve added added poisonous potatoes to the list of poisoned items, which allows you to craft a poison bucket when combined with a water bucket. Moreover, poisonous potatoes can also be crafted by combining a regular potato and a poison bucket.


5Rpv8x3 EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes

Potion of Poison

EvilCraft allows you to craft potions of poison without having to do any brewing: simply combine a glass bottle with a poison bucket.


z4fMqT0 EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes


Ever noticed that whenever a player shifts it looks like he’s farting? Well what can I say… EvilCraft adds the option to let loose all those internal gases. To use this feature, simply press the fart hotkey (by default mapped on P) and whenever you shift a fart should be let loose! And in case you were wondering: Yes, it does work on servers, so now you don’t have to fart alone anymore, you can now also do it with friends… I guess…

51gkECl EvilCraft Screenshots and Recipes