[1.7.2] Lanterns and Flashlights Mod Download



  • Dynamic Lighting!
  • No FPS drop at all!
  • 3D Items.
  • Like and Amnsia mod.




  • A basic component to start this mod!


  • Just for crafting purposes!

Bottled fat:

  • Use to create Lantern Oil!

Bio oil:

  • Another method to create Lantern Oil!

Lantern oil:

  • Fuel for the Lantern and for the Furance!
  • Fill up the barrel.
  • In the config you can set how many minutes one bottle add to the lantern.
  • By default: 8 minutes/bottle.

Light bulb:

  • Again, just for crafting!

AA Battery:

  • Charges up the Flashlight or Minerhelmet.
  • One battery charges the Flaslight/Minerhelmet Fully.


  • Works like a torch, but you have to Light it or Unlight it, with FlintAndSteel.
  • In survival it takes durbility from the FlintAndSteel(Changable in config).
  • In creative you can turn on or off with bare hands without FlintAndSteel.
  • Last forever and emits same light as a torch.
  • Also for crafting recipes!


  • Decorative purposes only!
  • Just like a Candle, but its more brighter.


  • For instant refuel purposes.
  • Right click with empty hand to get the oil level.
  • Right click with Lantern Oil to fuel it up.
  • In creative one bottle fills it up fully, in survival adds 8 minutes/bottle(Changable via config).
  • Right click with a Lantern(OFF) and refuel it to max instantly.
  • In creative its got unlimited uses.
  • Can hold up to 128 minutes of oil (Changable in config).


  • Gives off little amount of light, but least forever.
  • Rightclick on the ground to place it and light it with FlintAndSteel.
  • SHIFT + Rightclick again to pick it back up.
  • Pressing F while holding it(Have a FlintAndSteel in your inventory in survival) also  activate/deactivate it.


  • Gives off big light, but requires fuel.
  • To fuel it place it in the crafting table with Lantern Oil.
  • Only Lantern off can be fueled!
  • It can hold 32 minute of fuel by default.(Can be changabe in config!)
  • Place on the ground or hang it on cellings(Has to be a solid surface).
  • Rightclick with FlintAndSteel to activate/deactivate.
  • SHIFT + Rightclick to pick it back up.
  • F to activate/deactivate it in hand.
  • The lantern block aslo eats up the fuel(Changable in cofig!), but if you right click with Lantern  oil  you can fuel it that way too.
  • If you place it to the 9th hotbar slot and F on something else you can DUAL WIELD.
  • In creative it don’t requite fuel(Least one bottle so you can lit it.).


  • Requires AA Battery to work.
  • By default its working for 32 minutes/charege(Changable in config).
  • F to activate/deactivate.
  • Lightlevel changes by the distance.
  • In creative it don’t require energy.


  • Works like a Flashlight, except you put this one on your head.
  • Add a bit armor to the player since it a Minerhelmet.

World gen:

  • New village house is added to villages.
  • Its got a Lantern and Barrel in it with random Fuel values.
  • You can find treasures in chests too.



  • Double cook Porkchop(Gives 2) or Raw Beef(Gives 2) or Raw Chicken(Gives 1, coz they small animals).


  • Fat and Sugarcane = 4.

Candle = 6:

  • Air-Air-Air
  • Wax-String-Wax
  • Wax-Stick-Wax

Bottled Fat:

  • 2 Fat and a Glassbottle.

Bio oil:

  • Wheat-SugarCane-Wheat
  • SugarCane-Glassbottle-SugarCane
  • Wheat-SugarCane-Wheat

Lantern oil:

  • Cook Bottled Fat or Bio Oil.


  • Air-RedstoneTorch-Air
  • Iron-Repeater-Iron
  • Iron-Redstone-Iron

To charge it up(The Battery):

  • Battery and a Redstone block.

Light bulb:

  • Glasspane-Redstone-Glasspane
  • Air-Iron-Air
  • Air-Air-Air


  • Air-Air-Stick
  • Iron-Candle-Iron
  • Air-Iron-Air

Chandelier = 2:

  • Air-Iron-Air
  • Candle-WoodenFence-Candle
  • Candle-WoodenFence-Candle


  • Planks-Planks-Planks
  • Plans-Air-Planks
  • WoodenSlab-Stick-WoodenSlab


  • Iron-Stick-Iron
  • Glasspane-Candle-Glasspane
  • Iron-Iron-Iron


  • Iron-Stick-Iron
  • Glasspane-Light bulb-Lever
  • Iron-Iron-Iron


  • Iron-Flashligh-Iron
  • Iron-Air-Iron
  • Air-Air-Air

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • If one does not exist you can create one.
  • Enjoy the mod.


  • IDs
  • Light level can be changed here.
  • Fuel and Battery settings.
  • 3D item can be toggable here.
  • Render style:Basically its just FULL(Show On and Off models), AMNESIA(Only On models showed  Off are hided).

Download links for other versions:




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