[1.7.2] SmartCursor – Some useful utilities for in-game cursor.

SmartCursor (Version 1.0.0) provide four types of indicators:

  • Information about dropped item.
  • Information about health mob looking at.
  • Information about current block damage.
  • Information about dropped XPOrb

Indicators can be easy enabled and disabled, stylized and configured. By default, open Settings menu by F key.
See screenshots:

Indicator of mob health – Different styles​


Indicator of current block damage – Also has different styles​


Information about dropped item – You can see item name, count, current durability for tools and enchantment list​

Information about XPOrb​


Sources are available here: https://github.com/asaskevich/SmartCursor

Review (Thanks to jimmytfan)

If you do have a contribution(code or idea) for the mod feel free to put up a Pull Request or open Issue on GitHub or write me a PM.




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