[1.7.2] Super TNT Mod Download



The big tnt:

This is the default big tnt. It makes roughly a 5x bigger explosion than regular.

Big Super TNT Screenshots

Here is how big of a crater it makes:

Big2 Super TNT Screenshots

The massive tnt:

This TNT is supposed to be ~15 times more powerful than regular.

Massive Super TNT Screenshots

It makes a decently substantial crater as so:

Massive2 Super TNT ScreenshotsIgnore the water.

The “uber” tnt

This is currently the second largest tnt in this mod. It makes a ludicrously massively overkill crater beyond all realistic reason. It breaks obsidian. It can even break bedrock if it’s within 2-3 blocks of the tnt when it explodes. It requires 1.5GB of system resources to explode and there is lag. If you have a crappy computer, there will be major lag.

Uber Super TNT Screenshots

The explosion leaves behind fire (not pictured) and nuclear waste. As you can see, the hole is very big. However, this isn’t even the biggest one in the mod.

Uber2 Super TNT Screenshots

The biggest tnt

This tnt is the biggest one in the whole mod. It requires a minimum of 11GB of ram to do the explosion. On complicated maps or sand maps (sand is weaker and the computer is required to render probably a 3X bigger hole), it can take more.The explosion will destroy all blocks in the blast radius. It will destroy obsidian and bedrock.

LOL Super TNT Screenshots

As an added bonus, it glows in the dark.

LOL2 Super TNT ScreenshotsThe blast is so astoundingly, craptasticly, just stupidly massive that the crater doesn’t even all fit in the draw distance. You can’t even see it because it’s so big. The crater goes all the way down to, and through the bedrock, as you can see. It leaves behind nuclear waste and fire. Don’t even try to protect yourself with a bunker or something. It won’t work.

LOL3 Super TNT Screenshots

Snow TNT

This is snow tnt. It makes a lot of snow, and freezes water. It even works in the nether. So I guess you could say, that’s when it snows in hell.

snow Super TNT Screenshots

Example of the explosion:

snow2 Super TNT Screenshots

Ocean tnt

This spawns a buttload of water. It also spawns squids. Any questions?

ocean Super TNT Screenshots

Example of the explosion:

ocean2 Super TNT Screenshots

Sponge tnt

This is used to soak up water. I plan to make it also soak up lava.

sponge Super TNT Screenshots

Not much to see here. Just an empty pond that I used it on.

sponge2 Super TNT Screenshots

Mob tnt

This tnt spawns one mob at random. Some mobs (e.g. ghasts, withers) are weighted so that they almost never spawn. The wither spawns in something like once in 1000.Note my expertly drawn mob texture. :likeaboss:

mob Super TNT Screenshots

This time, a magma cube spawned.

mob12 Super TNT Screenshots

Mob tnt 2

This is similar to the regular mob tnt, except that it spawns a LOT of random mobs.Note: another fine example of my expert drawing skills.

mob2 Super TNT Screenshots

And here’s all the mobs that got spawned:

mob22 Super TNT Screenshots

House tnt

This one spawns a house.

house Super TNT Screenshots

Below are a few pictures of the spawned house.

house2 Super TNT Screenshots

house3 Super TNT Screenshots

Diamond tnt

This is a tnt that turns everything into diamond.

diamond Super TNT Screenshots


diamond2 Super TNT Screenshots

Biome Buster

This one currently doesn’t work properly because I just can’t get animations down. But it’s supposed to make it rain tnt.

biome Super TNT Screenshots

Mud tnt

Similar to the diamond tnt, this replaces all the blocks with not diamond, but a brown mud type block. It also makes dead plants. It’s still a work in progress but it works well enough to show pictures now.

crap Super TNT Screenshots

Here is the before picture:

crap1 Super TNT Screenshots

Below is the after picture. Note the water and different plants.

crap2 Super TNT Screenshots

ae053  Super TNT Mod [1.7.2] Super TNT Mod Download

The Super TNT Mod adds in tons of epic explosives! This mod also adds in a large variety of TNT that causes tons of destruction. It also includes some unique kinds that can spawn mobs, create oceans, delete water, and much more!

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • If one does not exist you can create one.
  • Enjoy the mod.


  1. God Dang if i can download this

  2. I have done all things mentioned in this tutorial but all i get is a blank screen after i click pla in my minecraft.exe folder. Please help.

  3. It crashes for me



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