[1.10.2] Agricultural Expansion Mod Download

016d9  Agricultural Expansion Mod [1.10.2] Agricultural Expansion Mod Download
This mod adds 62 new crops which produce resources. The following crops are available in current version:

Basic Crops:

Vanilla Crops:

  • Coal Crop, Iron Crop, Gold Crop, Lapis Crop, Quartz Crop, Redstone Crop, Diamond Crop, Emerald Crop, Glowstone Crop;

Hostile Mobs Crops:

  • Zombie Crop, Creeper Crop, Skeleton Crop, Slime Crop, Spider Crop, Guardian Crop, Ghast Crop, Wither Crop, Blaze Crop, Enderman Crop;

Passive Mobs Crops:

  • Squid Crop, Cow Crop, Sheep Crop, Chicken Crop, Pig Crop, Rabbit Crop;

Special Crops:

  • Earth Crop, Water Crop, Fire Crop, Experience Crop, Dye Crop, Nature Crop, Nether Crop;

OreDictionary Crops:

Common Ores Crops:

  • Copper Crop, Tin Crop, Silver Crop, Lead Crop, Nickel Crop, Platinum Crop, Aluminum Crop, Iridium Crop, Titanium Crop, Tungsten Crop, Zinc Crop;

Tinker’s Construct Crops:

  • Ardite Crop, Cobalt Crop, Alubrass Crop, Manyullyn Crop;

Alloy Crops:

  • Bronze Crop, Steel Crop, Invar Crop, Electrum Crop, Brass Crop;

Gem Crops:

  • Ruby Crop, Sapphire Crop, Amber Crop, Malachite Crop, Peridot Crop, Tanzanite Crop, Topaz Crop;

Material Crops:

  • Apatite Crop, Rubber Crop;

 Getting Started:

First you need to craft some Resource Seeds:

016d9  Agricultural Expansion Mod 1 [1.10.2] Agricultural Expansion Mod Download

From Resource Crop you will get Simple Sprouts for basic resource crops.

There are 3 tiers of sprouts:

  1. Simple Sprout(basic sprouts obtained from Resource Crop);
  2. Powerful Sprout(10% chance to drop from all resource crops);
  3. Ultimate Sprout(5% chance to drop from all resource crops);

After you have collected at least 8 resource sprout you can make some basic resource crops.

Coal is one of the cheapest resource crop:

016d9  Agricultural Expansion Mod 2 [1.10.2] Agricultural Expansion Mod Download

After you collected some Powerful and Ultimate Sprouts you can make the next tier of resource crops:

For example iron and gold need 4 simple sprouts and 4 powerful sprouts.

The last tier of crops require 4 powerful sprout and 4 ultimate sprouts(e.g diamond and emerald):

016d9  Agricultural Expansion Mod 3 [1.10.2] Agricultural Expansion Mod Download

After you collected enough essence you can make resources.

Here are some examples:

016d9  Agricultural Expansion Mod 4 [1.10.2] Agricultural Expansion Mod Download


Here is a picture with all the items and crops added by this mod

56c8f  Agricultural Expansion Mod 5 [1.10.2] Agricultural Expansion Mod Download

A little field with Diamond, Emerald, Cobalt, Redstone and Resource Crops

56c8f  Agricultural Expansion Mod 6 [1.10.2] Agricultural Expansion Mod Download


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