[1.9.4] Terraqueous Mod Download

22635  Terraqueous [1.9.4] Terraqueous Mod Download

Terraqueous Mod adds loads of things including: Fruit, Trees, Pergolas, Flowers, Pots, Clouds, Tools, and more.

Type /FruzstratedsGuide in-game for recipes and info.

Fruit Trees

d3898  Terraqueous 1 [1.9.4] Terraqueous Mod Download

Trees will spawn in the world and and bear a variety of fruit: Apple, Pear, Peach, Mango, Orange, Lemon, Cherry, Plum, Coconut, Banana.

All trees have there own unique wood, and wood objects; such as fences and doors.

Other non-tree fruit is also added.


d3898  Terraqueous 2 [1.9.4] Terraqueous Mod Download

Three blocks are added for building Pergolas: The Roof, Lattice Fence, and Lattice Fence Gate.

A connected model system is used to change the look depending on the surrounding pieces.

With a wide array of colors to choose.


b2e4e  Terraqueous 3 [1.9.4] Terraqueous Mod Download

Sixteen different color flowers generate in the world.

These can be used to make dye or for decoration.

For decoration there are 2 types of planter pots.


b2e4e  Terraqueous 4 [1.9.4] Terraqueous Mod Download

Light, Dense, and Storm clouds generate in the world.

These can be walked on with a Feather Talisman.

A variety of decorative cloud blocks can be crafted to make a house in the sky.


b2e4e  Terraqueous 5 [1.9.4] Terraqueous Mod Download

Craft Bench

A crafting table with an inventory, a recipe can be set up for automation.

Craft Furnace

A furnace with multiple slots. It smelts 12 per coal, and 2 at a time.

Paintbrush & Paintings

Added earth and cloud paintings. The brush lets you cycle through Appearances.


Just a hammer that can be used like a wrench, or is it something more… probably not.

Telescoping Scythe / Sickle

Useful for harvesting finished crops, or for clearing leaves and grass.


Usable as a pick, shovel, hoe, or weapon.

Mines a 1x3x3 chunk. Items go directly into inventory and are auto smelted.

Feather Talisman

Allows you to walk on clouds; equipped on chest slot or neck if Baubles is installed.

Ender Monocle

Allows you to see enchants in the enchanting table added by the mod.


Used to color blocks such as wool, glass, pots, pergolas and more.


Minecraft Forge


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