[1.10.2] The Agricultural Revolution Mod Download

The Agricultural Revolution Mod is primarily focusing on giving the player a wider variety of food stuffs, and some additional cooking appliances for processing these new foods to make them more beneficial to the player. There is also an additional buff (with lots more planned) and other bits and pieces to make the Minecraft cooking and farming experience more realistic.


The Grand Automation Update:

The Grand Automation Update adds new ways to automate harvest of the majority of your crops, from vanilla vines, to strawberry bushes and red corals, the new machines which act as an attachment to your Happy Harvest Bot will help him automate all that for you. It also introduces two new magical crystals, the Light Crystal, which lights up a very large area around itself, and the Sky crystal, which allows you to teleport to it using a Blink Crystal item. Another addition is the Bot Network Block allowing you to connect hundreds of chests up to as many Happy Harvest Bots that you like. There are also many changes to make things less RNG.

New Abandoned Farmhouse Structure:

New Auto Fisher Attachment:
New Auto Gatherer Attachment:
New Light Crystal:
New Nether Tangle Plant:
New Picker Arm Attachment:
New Sky Crystal:


Minecraft Forge


Download links for other versions:





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