[1.9.4] World Stripper Mod Download

World Stripper is a utility mod that allows you to strip away the terrain to view the underground world generation. The mod is small and lightweight with a jar size of 20KB. By using Java 8 Lambda expressions the mod clears away terrain super fast even on slow computers. Super useful if your a pack developer and need to test world gen for your pack or you just can’t seem to find the ores your looking for.

How To Use:

  • Press the DELETE key on your keyboard to strip the terrain around you.
  • Press the INSERT key on your keyboard to place the terrain back again.

(What keys to press can be changed in the control settings).

7aae3  World Stripper 1 [1.9.4] World Stripper Mod Download7aae3  World Stripper 2 [1.9.4] World Stripper Mod Download


Minecraft Forge

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