[1.8] Modular Bosses Mod Download

Modular Bosses Mod was created to introduce large, complex bosses for RPG adventure servers or maps.



Control Block

  • The control block is the corner stone of Modular Bosses. The control block allows admins to create respawning groups of monsters that, when killed, will provide a redstone signal to trigger dungeon doors. The monster spawns, amount spawned and respawn timer are all configured right on the block. The respawn timer is not recorded in ticks it is recorded with the system clock, so even if a player moves away from the block and its chunk is unloaded, it will still keep track of its spawn timer.
  • The control block allows map makers and server admins to introduce MMO RPG monster groups with automatic respawn times. Complete with redstone activation, instant spawn and redstone signal output once all monsters in a group are killed.


  • Limbo is an “in between” dimension. Certain monsters and objects will exist in Limbo where they can interact with objects and beings on the real world, but the real world cannot interact with them.
  • In order to interact with being or objects in limbo, one must first step on a Phase Fire flame. The players body will enter the space between dimensions and be able to interact with beings and objects in Limbo, for a limeted time.
  • While in Limbo the players vision with be strangely altered, and their bodies will appear ghostly to all others.

Procedural Dungeon Gen

  • Nurkach spawns a dungeon in a separate empty dimension, so the dungeon generation does not interfere with anything. The dungeon is built out of schematics. So the server admin / world developers can create their own rooms, and the dungeon gen will dynamically pick from them, then generate a random layout with the rooms that they created.
  • Now when you think dungeon generation and schematics, you think,”Oh great this is going to crush my server”
  • Those of you that have played with WorldEdit will know, once you start making giant cuboids and altering large swaths of landscape, chances of server crash goes way up. This is due to the fact that WorldEdit attempts to make all changes in 1 tick. So when you try to update 10,000 blocks at once, chances are something is going to be cranky about it.
  • If I tried to generate an entire dungeon in 1 tick it would surely crash a server. Or I would have to make it so the dungeons are small enough not to crash a server upon generation.
  • This method builds the schematic in configurable increments per tick. So if you have a weaker server, maybe you only want it to build each room 50 blocks at a time. If your server is considerably beefier, then maybe you can have it build 1000 blocks at a time. It is all up to you.
  • But wait, there’s more! You can have multiple dungeons building at once, and it will not beat up your server. They all queue up and build systematically, and your players will be none the wiser. Build giant dungeons without causing crippling lag.

Bosses & Monsters

  • Paragon
  • Nurkach
  • Seymora
  • Tatters
  • Golem
  • Shade Howler
  • Moldorm
  • Chorp Chorp & Heavy Chorp

Weapons & Tools

  • The Legend’s Sword and Bow
  • Tatter’s Scythe


Minecraft Forge




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