[1.8] Portal Packages Mod Download

Portal Packages mod lets you create a special portal that you can use gold nuggets to buy items in Minecraft. This mod adds a new item called the Ordering Device. With this new device, you can order items and other things to your linked package portal with golden nuggets.

Portal Packages Mod

Page 1 of Ordering Device GUI

Portal Packages Mod

Page 2 of Ordering Device GUI

Portal Packages Mod

Page 3 of Ordering Device GUI

Portal Packages Mod


Package Portal: The Place where your items teleport to.

Portal Packages Mod

Solar Battery: Used to craft your ordering device and charges the device while in sunlight.

Portal Packages Mod

Ordering Device: The device used to order blocks, items, and other things. It uses durability on each use and can be charged in sunlight. To link it to a portal, shift + right click on it with this device.

Portal Packages Mod


Minecraft Forge



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