[1.10.2] Bagelsmore Mod Download

Build your own modular desk, the perfect place to store you items, books and fluids. You can also use the inbuilt Crafting Table or add Smelting Drawers to conveniently smelt stuff or even destroy useless items with the Recycling Drawer.

61998  Bagelsmore Mod 1 1 1024x579 [1.10.2] Bagelsmore Mod Download

Fancy Planks, Treated Planks and Fancy Stone

Used in crafting the different desk variants

61998  Bagelsmore Mod 2 1 1024x432 [1.10.2] Bagelsmore Mod Download

The three desk variants

Fancy, Stone and Treated

61998  Bagelsmore Mod 3 1 1024x576 [1.10.2] Bagelsmore Mod Download

Storage Drawers Stores 16 stacks of Items

Large Storage Drawers Stores 32 stacks of Items

61998  Bagelsmore Mod 4 1 1000x720 [1.10.2] Bagelsmore Mod Download

Fluid Drawer: Stores 4 buckets worth of two different liquids, you can view the levels via windows on the outside.

Recycling Drawer: Destroys all items placed inside.

61998  Bagelsmore Mod 5 1 1024x714 [1.10.2] Bagelsmore Mod Download

Smelting Drawer: Smelts items.

Desk Crafting: Crafts items, renders what is currently crafting onto the desk

61998  Bagelsmore Mod 6 1 1024x659 [1.10.2] Bagelsmore Mod Download

61998  Bagelsmore Mod 7 1 [1.10.2] Bagelsmore Mod Download

Clipboard: Used for creating Todo Lists, which can then be placed onto the desk

Bookshelf: Used for storing books it will render the books so you can see how many you have placed inside.

87efc  Bagelsmore Mod 8 1 1024x555 [1.10.2] Bagelsmore Mod Download
87efc  Bagelsmore Mod 9 1 [1.10.2] Bagelsmore Mod Download


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