[1.11] Funnels Mod Download

Fluid Funnels that allow for easy fluid transportation and in-world interaction.

Funnels will:

  • transport the contained fluid into the fluid handler it’s connected to.
  • pickup fluids in-world above the funnel. (configurable)
  • place fluids in-world in front of the funnel. (configurable)

Funnels have a capacity of 1000 mB (1 bucket) which is configurable.

7af59  Funnels [1.11] Funnels Mod Download

7af59  Funnels 1 [1.11] Funnels Mod Download


  • size: The size, in milibuckets (1 bucket is 1000 milibuckets) of the Funnel. By default, this is 1000milibuckets.
  • pickupWorldFluids: If true, the funnel will pickup fluids directly above it from the world. By default, this is true.
  • placeFluidsInWorld: If true, the funnel will place the fluid it is holding in the world directly in front of it. By default, this istrue.


Minecraft Forge


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