BetterWorld Mod for Minecraft 1.4.6

BetterWorld starts where Minecraft ends, it adds much more realism to the game and a lot of new blocks and items. BetterWorld mod is a big mod which is amazing. The ability to brew beer and make wine using barrels, protect your property with wired fences, design your house with new types of blocks and create field roofs. This is something Minecraft has never experienced before. Тhe mod allows you to build new types of houses, make new drinks, use new utensils and tools, recycle materials and many, many more things that you couldn’t have done before. It is quite amazing that this mod is supported by bukkit and you can install it to your server.


Many different crops were added and new materials like aluminum, which you will be using for most of your tools. The possibilities with the mod are endless and it is only up for your imagination to expand the usage of this mod in your game.

BetterWorld Mod for Minecraft 1.4.6 Main Features

The mod adds a huge amount of new items into Minecraft. It seems as though this mod is the ultimate compilation of all of the Minecraft mods out there. It adds: new blocks, new recipes, new foods, new tools, new items and just so much more new stuff too Minecraft, that it could have turned into a separate game. To get a better idea of this mod, you can watch this video:

BetterWorld Mod for Minecraft 1.4.6 Pros and Cons

The mod is really fun to play and it expands your abilities, but the problem is, is that the author of this mod has created the new items in high resolution so they don’t fit in the Minecraft feel. However, the mod will look good if you use Misa’s Realistic texture pack.

How to Install BetterWorld for Minecraft 1.4.6

  1. There will be three downloads, the Core, the slopes, and the plants and food.
  2. Get the Core first
  3. Choose the additional extension you prefer
  4. Locate your Mods folder in the MInecraft directory
  5. Copy the mod into that folder
  6. Enjoy!



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