[1.4.7] Condensed Potions Mod Download

When minecraft 1.0 introduced potions to the game, I’m sure we were all pretty excited. The usage and practicality of potions wprls perfectly to the game and is still one of my favourite additions. There’s one drawback however. They don’t stack. Yup, and we’ve all felt the pain. Potions should be made to take in groups as you hardly ever just take one in to battle. Potions would be a lot more practical, especially splash potions as you usually need an arsenal of those, if they were to stack. Well spacechase0 on the minecraftforums has made a solution quite clever I’m surprised it’s not in vanilla minecraft. Introducing the Condensed Potions mod.

The idea of this mod is not to allow potions to stack, but allow the ability to combine them. By putting 9 potions of the same type into the crafting table , in much the same way as you do with resource blocks such as iron blocks, you will get a condensed potion. This is useful for a few things. One is simply storage. If you own a large supply of potions you will love this mod. Now you can divide the amount of space taken up by 9! This can help a lot. The other use is simply multiplying the intensity of the potion by 9. This will also help a lot and I can tell you those condensed splash potion of harming will do a lot of damage!

The Condensed Potion mod is a very convenient solution for the problem of potions taking up too much space and even sometimes being too weak. It’s creative, not game breaking and very useful. I highly recommend to anyone who likes the use of potions in their saves.

How to Install Condensed Potions Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download Condensed Potions mod.
  3. Drag the .Zip into your mods folder.
  4. Enjoy!



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