ControlPack Mod for Minecraft 1.4.4

As soon as you install this mod you will not understand how you played minecraft without it. This absolutely amazing mod by infinitiesloop adds a whole bunch of features with how you control minecrraft. Thing like Auto switching, look behind, place torch key, better third person and a whole load more! Here’s a trailer video for control pack:

That gives you an idea of what this mod is like. I’ll run through most of the features I think are the best and most awesome.

Auto Tool Selection

Ever mined dirt with a pickaxe? Doesn’t feel good does it? Well auto tool will automatically search through your hot bar to see what tool is the best for the job. For example: if you are holding a piece of wood and you start chopping down a tree, control pack will automatically switch the piece of wood with an axe (if an axe is in your hotbar). It doesn’t actually move the items, it selects them for you so you don’t have to worry about Auto Tool dis organizing your inventory. This is definitely extremely handy, makes for much quicker and smoother mining.

Auto Sword Selection

Same with auto tool, except it will automatically select a sword when you start fighting an enemy!

Auto Block Selection

If you right click with anything that doesn’t have a right click effect, it will select and place any placable object. You can either set it to place the left most item in your hot bar, the right most or a specific slot. This also works for torches, so if your were mining away with your pickaxe you can just right click with the pickaxe it will automatically select and place a torch. With auto tool you can just keep mining and it will select your pickaxe again. Super awesome!

Stack Preservation

If you’re building and place the last item in your stack, it will replace that empty slot with the next stack of that item in your hot bar!

Place Torch

A key that you can set which will place a torch when pressed. Handy for quick mining!

Eat Food

Press and hold the eat key (you can set this) and you will start eating the nearest food item in your hot bar, yum!

Tap To Sprint

A key that you can set which will make you start sprinting if you are running. Makes it much easier to toggle sprinting. Better than the weird double tap that Notch added.

Better 3rd Person

Another 3rd person view that will separate your movement from the cameras movement. Makes it possible to view you self from other angles. Very similar to the way the 3rd person works in Skyrim when unsheathed. Pretty cool! Especially for cinematic purposes!

Toggle Sneak

Makes it possible to talk to your friends and search through your inventory while clinging onto a ladder.

Toggle Mining

Tap this key and you will keep swinging your pickaxe for as long as you want! Makes it possible to mine without always holding down your left mouse key.

Run Distance

A key you can press that allows you to enter how many block you want to run. Press go and you will run as many block as you entered! No more awkwardly counting blocks as you walk.

Look Behind

Ever been running from monsters and wanted to know what you’re running from? But when you stop to turn around you just get blown up! Well now, by pressing and holding the middle mouse button you can see behind you while you run, awesome!

Render Less Rain

With this option on it will render about half as much rain when raining. Quite nice for lag issues and just the ability to have a rain shower without drowning!

Say Your Location

When chatting to your friends, when you press this key it will paste in your co ordinates. No more awkwardly switching between f3 and the chat when just wanting your friends to come see you!

There are a few more features that I haven’t mentioned, but these are the main ones that really are a game changer! All of these features are configurable in the options.

So if you aren’t amazed already I don’t know what will ever amaze you. This mod is so great! One of the best bits is, it’s completely client side, meaning you can use it on any server and the server doesn’t need anything!

There are few thing you might want to take into account about compatibility with other mods. Please read the README.txt that comes with the .Zip There is a reason it says read me in all capitols ;)

ControlPack Mod Version 5.3 for Minecraft 1.4.2 Changelogs

  • Controllable volumes for slimes, animals, stepping/digging, and finally putting and getting blocks
  • Displays the number of the uses that are remaining while holding the tool (Uses Remaining)
  • Displays the total remaining arrows while holding the bow (Arrow Remaining)
  • Waypoint will be added to the location of your ultimately death (Auto Corpse Waypoint)
  • Fixes

How to Install Control Pack Mod for Minecraft 1.4.4

  1. Install Modloader.
  2. Download the Control Pack.
  3. Open the .Zip and read through the README.txt
  4. Go into the class folder.
  5. Drag and drop all the class files into your minecraft.jar
  6. Run minecraft and enjoy!



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