[1.4.7] Effect Overlay Mod Download

Ever played a first/third person shooter? In most shooters, you will realise as you take damage your screen will redden, until you heal up again! This mod adds this feature to Minecraft! The edges of the screen will also change colour when hit with any of the negative potion effects, even ones you cannot get a potion for currently (eat some rotten flesh!), with the exception of nausea and Blindness, because, you know, they mess your screen up enough already.

f2a3a  1 [1.4.7] Effect Overlay Mod Download


  • 1. Download The Effect Screen Mod
  • 2. Extract contents of this file into minecraft.jar using WinRAR, 7Zip, or similar.
  • 3. Delete the META-INF folder inside you minecraft.jar
  • 4. Launch minecraft.
  • 5. Play like a boss in single player or multi player!

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Effect Overlay Screenshots

f2a3a  1 Effect Overlay Screenshots

4f141  2 Effect Overlay Screenshots

Look carefully at this one, the edges are darker.

02ef7  4 Effect Overlay Screenshots

The effects will work in F5 too!

f00eb  5 Effect Overlay Screenshots

f00eb  6 Effect Overlay Screenshots

b3951  7 Effect Overlay Screenshots

Pressing F1 will hide the Gui effect.