[1.4.7/1.4.6] Flan’s Mod Download



Small Plane Crafting Table – 255 and Large Plane Crafting Table – 254

Vehicle Crafting Table – 253




  • Added conquest gametype
  • Added smart gun drops “/teams weaponDrops smart”
  • Added customisable block IDs
  • Added vehicle spawners
  • Various gun box fixes so they now sync properly between server and client
  • Stopped forceAdventure forcing adventure if there is no gametype selected
  • Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions caused by spawning planes
  • Fixed bugs regarding adding recipes


Flan’s mod is a combination of Planes, Vehicles and WW2Guns rewritten with a whole load of awesome new features and designed to allow easy custom content creation by anyone. Flan’s mod alone is useless, it requires content packs in order to be of any use.

Some notes about plane and vehicle crafting

  • The planes and vehicles will take any engine. The engine speed adds to the plane / vehicle speed so better engines make the plane / vehicle go faster.
  • Guns are always optional. You can put any deployable guns into the gun slots, but some planes / vehicles disallow use of certain slots.
  • The blueprints section lists all the planes / vehicles you have made in the past and clicking on one of these places as much stuff into the crafting table as possible to make that particular plane / vehicle.

Teams Controls

  • G : Open Team Select Menu
  • H : Open Team Score Menu

Plane / Vehicle Controls

(This will be changeable in the next update)

  • E : Exit plane / vehicle
  • R : Inventory

Planes (simple control mode) and Vehicles

  • W : Accelerate
  • S : Decelerate / Go backwards
  • A : Turn left
  • D : Turn right
  • Left Ctrl : Shoot machine guns
  • V : Drop bomb / fire shell
  • Space : Pitch up (Planes only)
  • Left Shift : Pitch down (Planes only)
  • C : Switch control modes (planes only)

Planes (mouse controls)

  • Same as simple controls except no pitching with space / shift
  • Mouse up/down : pitch up/down
  • Mouse left/right : roll left/right
  • Left click : Shoot machine guns
  • Right click : Drop bombs


  • 1. Install the most recent Minecraft Forge
  • 2. Download Flan’s Mod
  • 3. Place the downloaded .zip in the mods folder
  • (On the client you can find the mods folder by opening Minecraft, going to the texture pack menu, pressing “Open Texture Pack Folder” and going up one level)
  • 4. Get some content packs

Download links for other versions:







  1. the guns work on mine but not the vechiles, it just crashes my minecraft

  2. Can you please help me get this sorted?!

  3. I dont no but is Very good

  4. Best mod

  5. Cracked my minecraft =O

  6. Dont install!

  7. noob it dose not work and it never will i have been trying with 20 different webpages and it never works if you can prove me wrong i will shut up

    • If you try 20 different sites and does not work means that the mod have problems understand?

      • it does work

        If you work it out it will u fucking TWAT

    • ok your a fucking idiot if you tried 20 dif. websites and it didn’t work. apparently you didn’t go to the official website you fucking idiot

  8. I agree. I am a content pack maker and i learned it all from the forum. Just go check it out. Ps im releasing my mod in about 2 weeks!!! So excited! 🙂

  9. do you have to buy minecraft to download mods



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