GLSL Shaders OF Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2

All credits go to the original GLSL Shaders mod creator daxnitro

Using Sonic Ethers shaders

The GLSL Shaders OF [1.4.2] file must come always after the ( use the up down buttons ).

The must be the shaders directory zipped.


  • 1. Go to Sonic Ethers thread ( link above )
  • 2. Search for the v08 download and get it. ( I have downloaded the Ultra version )
  • 3. Extract the “ultra” file
  • 4. Go to the “ultra v08″ folder ( next to the “Readme” file ) and rename it to “shaders” (must be all lower case)
  • 5. Zip the whole “shaders” folder not the files inside.
  • 6. Load the “” with MagicLauncher like you would a mod ( ignore Magic Launchers no mods notification)
  • 7. Done

Manual Install

  • 1. First you have to install OptiFine HD A7 Ultra
  • 2. Install the GLSL Shaders OF [1.4.2] mod ( copy the contents of the zip file into minecraft.jar )
  • 3. Copy the shaders folder of your choice into minecraft.jar
  • 4. Delete META-INF



  1. where is the ether shaders link

  2. no shaders link?



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