[1.4.7] Goblins and Giants Mod Download





  • Fixed configs
  • Repackaged files
  • Improved code
  • Added red creepers

Goblins And Giants is a mod that adds a lot of new mobs and a dimension. It isn’t even nearly done yet right now, but there are already quite a lot of new mobs, items and blocks. The final plan is to have about 8 new dimensions where you need to collect a key from a very strong boss. When you have all of those keys you can get to the final boss. In every dimension there will be a lot of cool gear etc.

Quick Explanation:

The vampire looks like this.

Goblins and Giants Mod

The vampire bat is very small and fast. It spawns when a vampire dies. They both drop vampire blood. Put that in a crafting table to get redstone dust.

And this is the dwarf.

Goblins and Giants Mod

They will only spawn inside their houses and have some nice loot in their chests.




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