[1.4.7] Golden Egg Mod Download



Special Items:
1.The sword of life – when you hit something you get a regeneration effect.(Rare)

2.The Ender ring – a rechargable ring that teleports you (Very rare)

3.Pickaxe of Cryptos- made with an emerald an a usless pick(usless pick is obatinable from the golden egg)(Very rare)

4. Magic Omlet – You can smelt a Golden egg into a magic omlet that gives you some potion effects for a short duration(Common)

1.Make 4 eggshell pieces

2.Make a Fertilized Golden egg

3.Spawn a Golden Chicken

These chickens lay the Golden eggs. Golden chickens can follow you when you hold a Gold nugget but you can’t breed them.

Get those golden eggs with your buddies and see who gets the best items. This mod is now SMP! Lots of new special items have been added (Check the item list to see them). When you get a golden egg use it and throw it, and get a random item.



  • 1.Install Minecraft Forge.
  • 2.Start the game once without the mod
  • 3.Add the  .zip to the /mods folder in the .minecraft folder


  • 1.Install Minecraft Forge on the server
  • 2.Add the .zip to the /mods
  • 3.Start the server.



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