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Magical Crops Mod

Magical Crops Mod



Magical Crops ModMagical Crops Mod

Magical Crops Mod

Magical Crops Mod

Magical Crops Mod

Each essence will give a different color block.

Magical Crops Mod


This mod introduces lot of new crops that grow all sort of things, from new food like sweetcorn and strawberry’s to Coal essence and Diamond essence which can be crafting into Coal and Diamonds.

What is added to the game?

16 New crops 7 food types and 9 magical essence crops. 18 New block types ranging from blue to orange colors, a new type of Hoe which has 9000 durability! and seeds for all the crops.

Magical Crops Mod

Start guide (getting started and basic guide on how mod works):

  • First you find the essence ore which can be found layer 16 and below, these can be mined by any pickaxe.
  • That will give you Magic Essence which can be crafted to 1 of 7 new crops.
  • Once planted and fully grown you may harvest these crops giving you an food item plus 1-3 seeds and a rare chance of another Magic essence.
  • Once you have collected enough magical essence they can be crafted into larger essence which can then be crafted into Magic seeds e.g. Coal or Diamond.
  • These can then be gown and once fully grown will give a chance of dropping an essence of that crow and 1-3 more seeds.
  • Once you have enough essence to make an item you can craft it.
  • Hopefully near end game you will have a field of every time of crop making you lots of diamonds or any other item.

Extra information:

  • All food items heal for 2 hunger points.
  • There is a config file so you can change any ID’s that are conflicting.
  • The 18 blocks are meta data block and only take up 2 ID’s.
  • The magical crops do give out particles so if you have a lot can it’s causing lag turn them off.
  • Glowstone crops emit a light source.



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