Minema Mod for Minecraft 1.4.4

Many developers and probably you people who’d like to showcase your creations have problems with recording a video of Minecraft. Now most of the time its because your computer is just not able to handle the fps and so on. A developer named BarracudaATA has created your solution. Its called the Minema Mod which is already available for Minecraft 1.4.4. Understand that the Minema Mod will allow you to record how ever extreme the images are, even when you spawn 32000 creepers at the same time, it would go as smoothly.

What Minema Mod does is simply reduce the fps down to 10 which matches the recording fps of the recorder, making the whole processing a lot less heavy thus making the result smoother and better. All you have to do is install the Minema Mod by following the instructions below. then when you run Minecraft and feel like recording, simply press F4 key. If your done, press F4 again and the videos will be saved on your computer.

Minema Mod Version 1.5 for Minecraft 1.4.4 Changelogs

  • Improved the FPS locking
  • The overlay is now rendered below the debug overlay when visible
  • New Capture.Gui.Lock which will lock the mouse during recording
  • New Capture.Images.Format and changed the default picture format to .PNG
  • The overlay now displays the Frame limitation.

How to Install Minema Mod for Minecraft 1.4.4

  1. Download the Minema Mod for Minecraft 1.4.4
  2. Extract the zip file and drag it to the .minecraft directory
  3. You’ll notice a zip file inside this extracted one and that zip files goes into to mods folder
  4. That should be all



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