MoreCreative Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

I remember searching for potions on creative mode, only to be dissapointed when a friend pointed out that you were unable to get them with creative mode. Even so, that was a long time ago. Up till now players have been forced to craft use mods such as “TooManyItems” or “singleplayercommands” to access items that are disabled in creative mode. This mod makes things a whole lot easier.

MoreCreative Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5 Main Features

  • Sorts the creative menu items and blocks into different categories. Includes blocks not normally available in creative mode, all potions and extra spawner eggs
  • Create custom lists to include your own categories and items from mods!
  • Keyword search through items
  • Create custom keywords for the search bar, allowing you to make your own shortcuts and include items from mods in the search results
  • View normal inventory as well as the creative menu!
  • Displays item IDs in hover box
  • Control all enchantments! – Add any level enchantment to any item!
  • Disable delay when destroying blocks (optional) – Super fast digging!
  • Rewind, fast-forward and lock time!
  • Lock light levels on a multi-player server (locally)
  • Toggle your game-mode
  • Toggle rain/snow
  • Change mob spawner type (single player)
  • Change painting type (single player)
  • Change reach distance (single player)
  • Toggle thunderstorms (single player)
  • Change villager attributes (single player)
  • Change ocelot attributes (single player)

MoreCreative Mod

Open the MoreCreative menu with the C key.

Uses your normal inventory key to access player inventory, use the R key to access the creative items list.

Lock/unlock time with the L key, rewind time with F6 and fast-forward time with F7.
Locking time allows you to view your creations under any light level even if you’re playing in a multiplayer server!

Change enchantments on your currently held item with the F key.

Toggle your gamemode between creative and survival using the M key.

Toggle rain/snow using the F4 key.

Toggle thunderstorms using the Y key.

Right click on a monster spawner while in single player to open a mob selection menu to choose what that mob spawner should spawn. Not possible to change mob spawners while in multiplayer.

Right click on a painting while in single player to open a painting selection menu to choose painting you want. Not possible to change paintings while in multiplayer.

Search using the search box by first clicking inside the area of the search box, click outside the search box or select an item to leave item selection.

Right click on ocelots while in single player to change what texture they are using and whether they are an adult or a child.

MoreCreative Mod

How to Install MoreCreative Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Copy all files and folders from the .zip file into your minecraft.jar file in the .minecraft/bin folder.
  2. Enjoy!



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