MystCraft Mod For Minecraft 1.2.5

How would you like to become a teleporter jumping here and there instantly like magic? If you are interested, here you are! The MystCraft mod! This mod presents to you with new travel mechanics that will allow you to travel from one age to another. We call theses mechanics the linking books. With them, you will be able to teleport to different ages (here, ages are referred to as other worlds). But be cautious! Without them, you will get stuck and never be able to return to your own world again!

Basic Information:

  • Descriptive books allow you to travel to a new age. Just drop it and pick it back up. Never forget the fact that you will not be able to return without a linking book.
  • Linking books will remember where you were and make you return. It works the same way: drop and pick.
  • Link book stands allow you to place your book on it. Hold the book and make a right click on the stand to put it.

More mods, more adventure to the game! Make your world more fascinating by installing this mod!!! Let’s go!

How to Install MystCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Download Modloader (delete meta-inf from the minecraft.jar that is opened by winrar)
  2. Download the Mystcraft 1.2.5 Mod zip file.
  3. Open the zip file.
  4. After that press start and run.
  5. Put %appdata% inside the box you see in run.
  6. Go into .minecraft folder.
  7. Go into bins folder.
  8. Open minecraft.jar by using winrar or 7zip.
  9. Drag all the contents inside the mystcraft zip into minecraft.jar that is opened by winrar or 7zip.
  10. Enjoy!




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