[1.4.7] Realms of Argoth Mod Download

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  • Multiple existing blocks have a new 3D model (Stairs, Chests, Torches etc.);
  • New 3D player model with new skinning system;
  • New 3D player armor with a total of 12 slots;
  • Multiple existing items have a 3D model, while holding it in hand;
  • New item icons for inventory;
  • New terrain textures with 64×64 tiles and individual 128×128 tiles for some new blocks;
  • New and more advanced player inventory with more slots;
  • Player’s hotkey bar now has 10 slots;
  • There are now 12 armor slots;
  • Equipable and usable shields;
  • New armor sets;
  • Most item stack limit has been raised from 64 to 100;
  • New user interface on all menus (main menu, options, inventories etc);
  • New atmospheric music – replaces all old stock music, except jukebox disc music;
  • Multiple new ores have been implemented with new crafting combination associated with them;
  • Majority of monsters will have a random drop rate and will have a chance to drop various items, including new usable ones;
  • Implemented high definition font support;
  • Implemented high definition image support (images above 512×512 pixels);
  • Soft edge detection (Blend function) for inventory icons for a smoother outline;
  • Creative mode’s inventory now has normal inventory slots incl. armor slots;
  • All additional content has it’s own language file;
  • All additional content is in a separate package;
  • Gravestone implementation – when players die a gravestone spawns with items they carried;
  • Mod utilizes only 4 block IDs for all of it’s content, almost all is based on item IDs;
  • Multiple new decorative and functional blocks and placeable elements;
  • Multiple new doors and variations of them, incl. arched and bar doors;
  • Custom hosting for new skin support (only for premium users);
  • Multiple new monsters and humanoids modeled in 3D;
  • Multiple existing mobs remodeled in quality 3D with better and detailed model;
  • Some mounting options are planned (horses, air balloons);
  • More than 2000 hours have been spent on overall research of ores, nature of them, medieval armory research, texture search, preparation and processing, going through dozens and dozens of music libraries to find quality background music, coding and planning and bug testing;
  • If not none, then a minimum close to none bugs will be present in the mod on launch (Single Player mode), there will be a test server for multilayer mode testing available with at least 100 player slot, I will be providing my own hosting service for the test server.

fc164  Realms of Argoth Mod 1 [1.4.7] Realms of Argoth Mod Download

System Requirements:

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • Required Programs: Java v7 for Windows, Minecraft
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz / AMD Athlon 64×2 4200+ or better
  • Memory (RAM): 2GB (4GB Recomended)
  • Free space on disc (HDD): At least 100MB
  • Video Memory: 512 MB Recommended (Integrated video cards may be unstable)
  • Video Card: OPENGL Compatible, nVidia GeForce 8600 / ATI Radeon HD 2600 or better
  • Hardware: Sound Card, Keyboard, Mouse
  • Other: Internet Connection


  • Create backups for any files you wish to save in case anything goes wrong (usually it doesn’t if you follow the steps correctly)
  • Make sure you have the Default 1.4.7 Minecraft installed in the Default installation folder
  • Download, exctract and activate RoA.exe, click INSTALL if you are running the updater for the first time
  • Press install and wait till the button changes to PLAY, be patient, it may take a while to patch minecraft.jar
  • When the installation process is complete, press PLAY button
  • The updater should close and open automatically Default Minecraft Launcher
  • Enter your Username & Login details, press Login
  • (!) Don’t update the game if Minecraft updater asks you to do so, the mod won’t work if you do so!
  • When the game has launched, enter your craitex.com email & password, press Login to enter the game (Register account at http://www.craitex.com)
  • Use RoA.exe whenever you want to play RoA so that you always get the latest updates and news regarding Realms of Argoth Expansion Modification


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    This needs to be updated… hopefully to 1.8 but atleast 1.7… i cant downgrade to 1.4

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Realms of Argoth Changelogs

[in progress] 0.00902 for MC 1.4.7:
+ fixed crash when hovering on Map Item
+ fixed slope & inverted slope placement while mouse is pointing the bottom of a block
+ fixed textures for dropped items: sapling, deadBush, tallGrass
+ fixed rendering bug when player was hit by an arrow
+ holding backspace button on Login Screen now erases the text
+ improved & reorganized Turbo Model item rendering code
+ fixed Royal double Table model & angles

[2013.01.11] 0.00901 for MC 1.4.7:
+ fixed rare realms block placement bug when rapidly placing blocks
+ fixed block select bug with middle mouse button when in creative mode
+ fixed realms blocks to be selected with middle mouse button when in creative mode
+ fixed Column block not showing Name and Type

[2013.01.10] 0.009 for MC 1.4.7:
+ updated for Minecraft 1.4.7
+ fixed Column block rendering in 3rd person view
+ fixed bug when equipped with a shield and selecting an enchanted item in hotbar will cause the shield to change color
+ fixed compass & clock items to render properly (they are using 16×16 tile textures – not a perfect fix, but for now will do)
+ fixed rendering of Minecarts with furnace and chests
+ torch renders now in full 3D while held in hand 1st/3rd person view and when dropped as item
+ fixed torch model and collision box when it’s generated by world generator (example, villages)
+ fixed description for Chests, it says Container now
+ fixed item drops for custom blocks, they should drop now matching items when destroyed in Survival mode
+ fixed sloped ladder dropped item visual model
+ fixed scrolling in Creative GUI, the items scroll properly now without changing layout upon scrolling
+ added new furniture item Royal Wooden 2×1 Table

[2013.01.09] 0.00804 for MC 1.4.6:
+ fixed Inverted stone slopes, they didn’t have assigned model correctly
+ fixed diamond shield not showing in 1st person view
+ fixed all ore blocks, they show up as blocks while dropped or held in hand as intended
+ fixed Firework rocket tooltip
+ fixed a bug of not rendering shield in 3rd person view when switching from block or block item to empty hotbar slot
+ fixed creative mode’s middle mouse button bug of selecting invalid realms blocks.

[2013.01.09] 0.00803 for MC 1.4.6:
+ fixed block IDs from 201 and 200 to 255 and 254 for Realms Blocks and Realms Ore Blocks

[2013.01.09] 0.00802 for MC 1.4.6:
+ removed “Online Players” and related functions
+ fixed major lag and performance bug

[2013.01.09] 0.00801 for MC 1.4.6:
+ changed online pulse timer from 5 seconds to 30 seconds

[2013.01.09] 0.00800 for MC 1.4.6:
+ first release