[1.4.7] Roxa’s Straw Mod Download



be05a  j7iebsc5 Roxa’s Straw Mod Screenshots
Straw roof

2723b  bpy7ivba Roxa’s Straw Mod Screenshots
Stabels with straw



6d7bb  u9wz4xwv Roxa’s Straw Mod Recipes

995a1  7s9om7ds Roxa’s Straw Mod Recipes

5ec96  42fwf8xr Roxa’s Straw Mod Recipes
Stairs give back 6 wheat and Blocks give back 4 wheat (as many as needed to craft one).

bpy7ivba [1.4.7] Roxa’s Straw Mod Download

Adds straw blocks. Normal blocks and stairs. Half slabs come as soon as i figured out the code. You can use these e.g. to create new straw roofs or to make more comfy stables. Or just store your wheat.


  • Backup your minecraft.jar
  • Install ModLoader
  • Don’t forget to delete the META-INF folder!
  • Unzip the “Roxas Straw Mod”
  • Open your minecraft.jar (as you did for ModLoader)
  • Drag and drop the class files and the texture into the minecraft.jar, then close it
  • Run minecraft, enjoy!

Download links for other versions:




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