[1.4.7/1.4.6] Trampoline Mod Download

Put some spring in your step!


Requirement: Modloader/Minecraft Forge


  • 1. Back up your minecraft.jar.
  • 2. Download and install Risugami’s ModLoader, it’s required.
  • 3. Take Trampoline-MOD.zip and pop it in your ‘mods’ folder which is in your .minecraft/minecraft folder, once you install ModLoader.
  • 4. Delete the META-INF if necessary, MAC users don’t always have to.
  • 5. Enjoy!
  • 6. To install manually look at the ‘manual’ folder, all the classes and folders are in there

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Trampoline Screenshots

This mod adds 2 blocks:


  • This block is very easy to craft and can do a lot. By right clicking you can toggle how high you want to go, also you can disable it from bouncing you at all! Also, the more Trampoline blocks you place together the higher it’ll bounce you!


  • This block is just a block that prevents fall damage, and makes trampolines feel complete.

17650  Trampoline Mod 1 Trampoline Screenshots

15932  Trampoline Mod 2 Trampoline Screenshots

3cfb3  Trampoline Mod 3 Trampoline Screenshots

Trampoline Recipes


62651  jK9PX Trampoline Recipes


62651  zLJmt Trampoline Recipes