Tree Capitator Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

Tree Capitator Mod is brilliant. Have you ever found your self lacking the wood to complete your house? Ever thought how much of a drag it is to cut down those thick jungle tree’s, well this mod is perfect for you!

With the “tree capitator mod, you are able to cut down whole tree’s just by removing the lowest  block! You must use an axe to do this. Simply cut anywhere on the tree, and all the blocks above it will be removed and fall to your feet.

Tree Capitator Mod has been updated so “player placed blocks“, will not be affected like natural forming blocks.

TIP: if you want to spam wood. download the “tales of kingdoms” mod and cut down the fort. then repair it!

Basically once you have downloaded Tree Capitator Mod, cutting tree’s are much less of an effort, and there for, you are being lazy. even so! I love this mod.

What are you waiting for!? download Tree Capitator mod now!


  1. Download the “tree capitator” zip folder.
  2. Type: %appdata% then click on roaming, then .minecraft. drag the Zip folder into your Mods Folder. (if you dont have one. make one.)
  3. Install ModLoader and delete Meta-INV (located in your %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/bin/minecraftJAR)
  4. Test minecraft.
  5. Enjoy!

(By DaftPVF)


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