Wireless Redstone Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2

Guess that you guys are redstone fans right? Because those who doesn’t really know the redstone system won’t come here :) Jokin. The name is very attractive isn’t it? Wireless Redstone :) Once there was Vertical , but now things have changed, Wireless Redstone! As the name tells, Wireless Redstone Mod enables you to make redstone without wiring it. No more complicated redstones! This mod, again, is a very useful mod for people who does art with redstone, or any awesome things with redstone. It is obvious that this mod is popular. Because redstone is the only electricity available in Minecraft! All of the awesomeness goes into redstones. So now Wireless Redstone is here to enchant it!

Thanks to the developer (ali4z) for making this mod.  To me, I really love to make pistons things with redstones, and this is one of my favorite mods! See its features:

Wireless Redstone Mod Features

Adds new block named Wireless transmitter = A transmitter transmit redstone power to the receiver.

Adds new block named Wireless receiver = Receiver receives the transmitter redstone power.

Pretty a small change huh? But it doesn’t end yet. Wireless Redstone v1.5 has some awesome add-ons! Those add-ons all enchant this wireless redstone mod. The add-ons are

Wireless Redstone Mod Version 1.6 for Minecraft 1.4.2 Changlogs

  • Update for 1.4.2

Wireless Redstone Mod Addons

  • Power Configurator = Enables you to set where the power will be released from the receiver.
  • Wireless Sniffer = Enables you to set where the power will be release from the receiver. Shows up in a screen by right clicking.
  • Many more!
  • Visit the thread

Now here comes the downloading part, Thanks to jawdanc for making this video. This video shows you how to install using wireless redstone installer.

How to Download and Install Wireless Redstone Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2

  1. Download Wireless Redstone Mod Installer
  2. Then run the jar file you downloaded.
  3. Tick the one you want to download (needs to tick modloader and wireless redstone, the rest are addons).
  4. When the installation is done close it and then Run minecraft!



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