[1.4.7/1.4.6] World Downloader Mod Download



With this mod you can download parts of a multiplayer world while you are connected to the server.


  • You need to open chests while downloading or their contents cannot be saved.
  • If you are op, you can use /seed to request the seed and it will be saved (not yet in the beta v2 version).
  • If your single player world is empty/void, wait 30 seconds after you “stop download” before you disconnect and open the single player file. The beta version reports when save is actually completed.

How to install:

  • Open your minecraft.jar* with an archive tool like 7zip or WinRAR.
  • Put the class files you just downloaded in there. Overwrite if necessary.
  • Delete the META-INF folder if it exists in the jar file.
  • Close the archive and save if asked.
  • Done.

You can find this file on …

  • Windows by entering %APPDATA%.minecraftbin in an Explorer window or in the start->run dialog.
  • Linux by opening ~/.minecraft/bin/ in a file manager of your choice.
  • Mac OS X by opening Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin in Finder.


1 Comment

  1. Hi, I downloaded and installed the mod but there are a few problems. I get 2 new options in my menu (‘…’ and ‘download this world’) If I press ‘download ths world’ right away, nothing happens. then I tried ‘…’ and I get the option to enable multiworld support which I normally need cause I have an additional dimension. but the game crashes when I press ok when its enabled. When I press ok when disabled, I get new options like picking a new. When I press ‘Download this world’after its says its starts downloading. after I press ‘stop downloading’ Its says its starting to save and The option ‘Download this world’ is avaiable again. I never get amessage saying its done saving. When I disconnect, There’s no new world in my single player. when I log in on the multi server again and press ‘Download this world’, I get the message again that it started the download in chat but when option ‘Download this world’ in my menu changed to ‘still’saving…’
    I waited for over 15 min and it still wasn’t finished. Help plz



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