Zombe’s Modpack for Minecraft 1.4.2


Made by Tanzanite

List of singleplayer only mods in current release:

  • boom – aka Damage Control
  • build – aka Classic Building -not currently working
  • cart – aka Cart Control
  • chest – aka Autostore
  • death – aka Death Behavior
  • dig – aka Digging Adjustments
  • furnace – aka Custom Smelting Recipes
  • growth – aka Plant Growth
  • icon – aka Container Content Icons
  • items – aka Item/Block Properties
  • ore – aka Ore Redistribution
  • recipe – aka Custom Crafting Recipies – not currently working
  • resize – aka Critter Size Variety
  • spawn – aka Critter Spawn Control
  • teleport – aka Teleportation
  • weather – aka Weather Control

List of singleplayer and multiplayer mods in current release:

  • cheat – aka Cheat
  • cloud – aka Cloud Control
  • compass – aka Compass
  • craft – aka Craft All Key
  • fly – aka Flying -On SMP you need the Essentials /fly command or IBelieveIcanFly plugin
  • info – aka World Information
  • path – aka Path Tracker
  • sun – aka Sun Control
  • safe – aka Critter Spawn Highlighter
  • wield – aka Wield Key


  • In case you missed: F7 (default) shows/hides the in-game options screen.
  • Always use this thread to get the updates as this is the ONLY official place for it – never any other place (pretty much all of them spread outdated stuff or worse).

Changes in this release:


  • Compatibility: Updated for Minecraft 1.4.2. Currently releasing mod as a beta.
  • Fly 100% fixed
  • Recipe mod fixed

Installation instructions: Read the Readme in Zip File


  1. There’s no readme

    • I hope this may help you 🙂

      Mods work only with the downloadable launcher – NOT with the web-browser based version. All the mods are client mods and do not need anything to be installed at server side.

      SHUT DOWN THE MINECRAFT GAME – Failure to do this will prevent changes to the minecraft.jar file.
      If you want to use HD Patcher (HD Textures etc) – you must install HD Patcher before continuing.
      If you want to use modLoader dependent mods – you must install modLoader before continuing.
      Now is the time to install one or several mods from this modpack:
      NB! If the following instructions are a bit confusing to you then you might find the following video tutorials, made my third parties, helpful:
      For Windows: by DynamicNightmare (step-by-step: 1,2,3,4,5), by TheNewFags, by btwcraft, (German) by BackslashLP
      For Mac: by darkmag98, by Lukedude5. There is also a installation script that you might find useful made by dingonv
      Find minecraft.jar and open it (WinRar or similar). minecraft.jar is in “.minecraft/bin” (Pic).
      Delete the META-INF folder, if you have not deleted it already (Pic).
      NB! On Mac computers – delete only the the two files beginning with MOJANG from META-INF folder and not the folder itself nor anything else in it.
      Add all the files in the “classes” folder to the minecraft.jar file overwriting what was there before (Pic). Note that if you want then you can omit a few of the files if you do not use the named mod:
      yw.class can be excluded if you don’t want “fly” nor “death” mod
      gb.class can be excluded if you don’t want “craft” mod
      alb.class can be excluded if you don’t want “sun” mod
      agh.class can be excluded if you don’t want “boom” mod
      fe.class can be excluded if you don’t want “resize” mod
      ahg.class can be excluded if you don’t want “furnace” mod
      aes.class can be excluded if you don’t want “dig” nor “build” mod
      Every other class file not listed here is needed for every single mod.
      NB! The official thread links to the most recent version of the readme – if you use an older version of the modpack then look up the correct class names in the readme that comes with the modpack as the class names differ version by version.
      Add all the files in the “config” folder to “.minecraft/mods/zombe” folder. If the folder does not exist then create it and pay attention to spelling – it is “zombe” NOT “zombie” (Pic).
      NB! Config does NOT go into minecraft.jar! config.txt etc must be accessible as “.minecraft/mods/zombe/config.txt” – ie. there is no “config” folder in “zombe”!
      Open config.txt in “.minecraft/mods/zombe” folder and enable the mods you want. (all mods are disabled by default).
      For example: to enable the flying mod you need to delete the “#” from the “#modFlyEnabled = yes” line in config.txt.
      NB! Default keybindings assume the following keybinds (recommended):
      walk forward = W
      walk back = S
      strafe left = A
      strafe right = D
      inventory = TABNote: I is used by “cheat” mod to see through walls.
      crouch = CTRLNote: Left shift is used by many mods – for example in “fly” mod to alter movement speed.
      drop item = TNote: Q is used by “fly” mod to fly down.
      draw distance = GNote: F is used by “fly” mod to toggle fly mode.
      chat = CNote: C is also used to copy in “build” mod.
      If you want to use TooManyItems – now is the time to install it. Note that you can not use the “craft” mod if you do – fortunately, TMI mirrors the functionality of the “craft” mod (it is used a bit differently, but in the end it does the same thing).
      NB! If in trouble – check out the Troubleshooting section.

  2. The Icon piece isn’t functioning, for the icons don’t show up In-Game.? help?



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