[1.4.7] DustyCraft Texture Pack Download

This texture pack is pretty old somehow, and since it started during the late 2010′s when we still can’t technically proof that our planet earth will be living or not during 2012 and since now were in 2012 and were still here playing minecraft that means that our earth is still there. Ok, now coming to the point… DustyCraft Texture Pack can be said as one of the “best” artistic textures ever made in the minecraft texture pack world history! it adds you new textures for creepers, for your blocks, for your games, and basically it turned everything to art… now this year he came up with “another” beautiful art in which turned minecraft into an almost hd 3D game of history! this texture pack is pretty much recommended by me myself since I loved it to my hearts content and believe me you will not waste your time downloading this mod because its totally worth the time :D !








Dusty Textures Texture Pack Main Features

  • Lots of new block textures
  • Lots of new blocks itself
  • Lots of new armor, and weapon textures
  • Creeper textures changed!
  • Background of the minecraft game changed into an almost 3d hd game!
  • One of the longest surviving texturepack on minecraftforums

Dusty Textures Texture Pack Main Features

  1. First of all you will need the MCPatcher for this
  2. Patch your game normally like you did most of the time
  3. Download the texturepack
  4. Go to “run” in your start menu
  5. Type “%appdata%”
  6. Then “.minecraft” folder
  7. Find “texturepack” folder
  8. Copy paste your texturepack here without unzipping
  9. DONE!


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