[1.4.7] Yay Toast Texture Pack Download

Do you like toast? Are you a happy person who loves adventure? Are you addicted to the internet and to MInecraft? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, that means the texture pack was made just for you. Тhe texture pack gives a happy atmosphere into the game and changes a lot of object to resemble a modern internet meme world, including many smile and emoticons that we use everyday.

Yay Toast Texture Pack Yay Toast Texture Pack Yay Toast Texture Pack Yay Toast Texture Pack

Silly character faces, hilarious paintings and flying bananas are the key part of this texture pack, nothing like this has been ever made before. Now you will see happy faces everywhere you go. The Yay Toast Texture Pack is surely not for every day use, but is a great alternative to texture packs which you use everyday. It will uplift your mood and make your play through much more fun and exciting. The texture pack generates an explosion of imagination and can lead to being inspired into creating new things. Kids will love this texture pack.

Yay Toast Texture Pack Main Features

The texture pack features emoticons and doodles in most of its blocks, which passes on the atmosphere of happiness and can bring you back to childhood memories, if you are an older user. One of the best things in this texture pack is the Happy sun, that will make you smile every time you look up to the sky.

Yay Toast Texture Pack Changelogs

  • No more particles which don’t show up
  • A massive remake of the armor, it is now much more happier :D

How to Install Yay Toast Texture Pack

  1. Download the Yay Toast Texture Pack
  2. Don’t Extract it, keep it in a .zip format
  3. Find your texture pack folder, in the root folder of Minecraft
  4. Copy the .zip file into that folder
  5. Enjoy!


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