[1.4.7] Yushatak’s Texture Pack Download

Well, usually I don’t like it when someone makes a texture pack that sticks close to the original but I can honestly say that this texture pack is the first that I like that follows that style.

Let’s start with the title screen, they say that first impressions last, and this title screen certainly make a lasting impression. With smooth buttons that you just want to reach out and touch and a nice angled logo, this screen will blow you away.

When you start a world, you will see that the textures are definitely a lot different. They are generally darker and a lot more defined. I would recommend having your brightness on full if you are using this texture pack… (Yes even if you are moody).
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I really like the new iron texture with it being a more rusty and toned colour. I am also very attracted to the diamond tools, weapons and armour now, (yes more than usual), as it is a much more rich and not as eye blindingly bright as the default diamond.

There are no bad things that I can say about this texture pack except for one, and that is that the coal ore is too smudged and doesn’t stand out enough from the smooth stone for it to be easily seen and mined. Although I see that as a bad point, some of you might not want the distractions of coal in your never ending hunt for valuable items.

I would definitely recommend Yushatak’s texture pack for anyone who doesn’t want to stray too far from the default because they either won’t be able to pick out what the new textures for which blocks there are or they don’t have a computer that is able to run HD textures. If there is a building that they want to see at its best, (one of these in Yushatak’s texture pack Is the desert temples), then you could use this pack to show it off.

Overall, I really like this texture pack and give it eight out of ten.

How to Install Yushatak’s Texture Pack

  1. Download Yushatak’s Texture Pack
  2. Copy and paste it into your texture packs folder found in %appdata% folder
  3. Close the folder
  4. Enjoy!


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